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10 Best Winter Holiday Destinations near Kolkata by Road

Kolkata is one of the most tourist-friendly metropolia in India. Famous for its immersive and welcoming culture, many tourists swear by Kolkata being one of the ultimate authentic Indian holiday destinations. The remnants of the colonial era give this city an unmistakable vibe found in historical places, yet the natural beauty and serene surroundings have several tourist attractions in and around Kolkata to which you can travel to and relax. This is all the more true in the winter season when you can travel in amazing weather that is just perfect for impromptu road trips. If you have explored the beautiful city of Kolkata already and now looking for places to visit near Kolkata in winters, we have you covered. Let us acquaint you with some of the best places to go and things to do in winters while you are in Kolkata that will leave you craving for more with sheer wanderlust.

10 Top places to visit near Kolkata in Winters

1. Mandarmani


If you want to catch up on some sun, do consider going to one of the most spectacular beaches near Kolkata in winters. Just three hours away from Kolkata, you can reach Mandarmani which has all the perfect ingredients for a day outing with a gorgeous view of the Bay of Bengal. It is also one of the most serene and safe beaches since the waves are lower than other places and one of the activities enjoyed by many is walking barefoot on the sand.

Distance from Kolkata: 177 Kilometers

2. Bakkhali Beach


A 7 kilometers long coastline of Bakkhali Beach is a hidden gem near Kolkata which many do not know about. It was recently added to the tourist offerings of the state. The pristine white sand is a sight to behold and while there you can also enjoy some birdwatching some birds that migrate here during winters. You can also visit the crocodile reserve here if the wildlife interests you.       

Distance from Kolkata: 132 Kilometers

3. The Sundarbans


The land of river and dense forest, this marshy forest is the perfect place to get back into the lap of nature. Just a few hours of the drive is all that is needed to enter one of the best-preserved tiger habitats in the world. In the winters you can enjoy your stay in one of the houseboats and experience watching the wildlife through the watchtowers.

Distance from Kolkata: 87 Kilometers

4. Khanyan


If you wish to see the lifestyle that the Zamindars used to maintain along with their way of life, you can enjoy the visit to Khanyan. This is one of the winter destinations near Kolkata, Khanyan has excellently preserved royal residences including Itachuna Rajbari, Mahanad Kali, and Kalibari. The museums here are also an amazing treat for the history buffs.

Distance from Kolkata: 75 Kilometers

5. Joypur Forest

Joypur Forest

This forest is one of the most beautiful in India and you can witness several species of flora and fauna here. Filled with nature’s splendor, these dense woods are located in the hilly region of Chota Nagpur. The clean air and tranquility are great to rejuvenate yourself and take a break from the busy city life.

Distance from Kolkata: 133 Kilometers

6. Golpata Forest

This mesmerizing forest is located on the border of Bangladesh and India. The winters bring this forest to all the glory and you can enjoy camping on the banks of Ichamati river as it meets the Ganges in Sundarban. You can also enjoy Maachranga Dwip, Kuleshwari temple, Jora Sahib temple, and Durgadalan.

Distance from Kolkata: 75 Kilometers

7. Siliguri


If you are interested in going for a longer drive, do consider a beautiful drive from Kolkata to Siliguri. Once you have reached Siliguri, you can enjoy the wildlife rides at the Mahananda wildlife sanctuary, or shopping for many of the local items at the Hong Kong market at Hill Cart road. The Salugara monastery at Siliguri is also famous for the Tashi Gomang stupa of over a hundred feet.

Distance from Kolkata: 590 Kilometers

8. Darjeeling


The name Darjeeling needs no introduction as it is one of the most famous hill stations near Kolkata. Experience the sunrise at Tiger Hill and enjoy the smell of tea leaves everywhere you go, all this is possible in the beautiful city of Darjeeling. It is also a foodies paradise with the most delicious momos that you can have. You can enjoy trekking here on the many treks available. The best time to visit the hill station near Kolkata is between March to May and October to January.

Distance from Kolkata: 641 Kilometers

9. Kurseong


Kurseong is another popular escape to the hills that is commonly enjoyed by the Kolkata residents and visitors. The sprawling wild orchids make it look beautiful beyond compare and gives it the name, ‘Land of White Orchids’. The Buddhist gompas, temples, and waterfalls mark this place.

Distance from Kolkata: 588 Kilometers

10. Dooars


The floodplains in North East India, locally called the ‘Dooars’ are called so as they are a gateway to Bhutan. The thick forests serve as a beautiful landscape against the Himalayan range. This place is extremely rich in biodiversity and you can also enjoy watching the numerous tea plantations here. The Mahananda wildlife sanctuary is also an excellent place to visit while there.

Distance from Kolkata: 669 Kilometers

Although Kolkata is beautiful and intriguing by itself, visiting these places provide a great opportunity for the Kolkata residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy. The road trip can be made extremely comfortable and fun by utilizing the car rental service by Revv in Kolkata. The rides are completely sanitized and can be booked by following just a few steps by the Revv app or website.

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