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Considering a Car Subscription from Revv? Check the Brownie Points

The use of automobiles has evolved from being a luxury, a thing of novelty to an essential nowadays. You just can’t be out and about without having your own medium of conveyance. Because public transports are slightly unreliable at times, and since the rise of the pandemic, they aren’t even that safe. But you may also understand that getting a new car means having a lump-sum in your pocket even if you plan to buy an economic range vehicle.

If we are correct with our analysis, not many people are looking to spend so much money because of the post pandemic recession in the market. And if you opt for a loan, the monthly EMI is a constant stress and struggle to bear for years. Well, that raises the need to encourage a new way of owning cars – welcome to the genre of car subscriptions. Though there are multiple companies opening up offering the subscription concept of owning a car, but Revv has successfully evolved with the best and most beneficial plans for all its customers.

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What is a Revv car subscription programme?

Car subscriptions from Revv are the most openly accepted plan for people considering owning a car but are low on budget. It’s a fine plan that lets you own a car with just nominal fees of 5,000 as returnable deposit. And guess what? With Revv, you get the first month’s subscription entirely free. Later, you just have to pay the monthly charges — that’s a sum inclusive of maintenance fees, insurance charges, and subscription fees. So, we can say that the major point of difference between other car subscriptions services and Revv is the pocket-friendly factor making it such an enticing option to consider. 

Benefits of car subscription from Revv

It seems you are genuinely interested in this new method of owning a car from Revv. So, in case you are looking to know more about the benefits of car subscriptions with them, here is the comprehensive list: 

1. Flexible plans of subscription

The major point of benefit here is the flexibility of Revv cars subscriptions. This means that you can start your car subscription anytime, continue for as long as you like, and keep the vehicle until you desire. What’s more, you can even back out of the plan just as and when you want. No questions asked. Further, you can even buy out the vehicle if you desire to keep it for yourself forever. But the only criterion you should fill here is to update the company in advance on what your plan is.

2. Sanitised and Serviced cars

Today safety and sanity are the prime concerns of everyone opting for anything for themselves. This goes for cars too. You have to be sure that the vehicle you are opting for is sanitised and clean and free of germs. Well, with Revv, you can be sure that the vehicle they are providing you is completely sanitised and serviced so that you can enjoy no-hiccup rides.

3. Availability of used or new cars

With Revv car subscription plans, you get both the options of either opting for a used car or a brand new one. If you are going for a used car, you can stay assured that the vehicle wouldn’t be more than 2 to 3 years old and you even get to select the model and colour of the same as per availability. And when you are choosing a new vehicle, you even get a chance to select your preferred make, model, and colour. But remember, the minimum period of car subscription for a new car would be 12 months.

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4. The convenient buy out option

Buying out the car basically means a chance to turn your subscription into car ownership. Like, if you subscribed to a certain car and you think that car is the one you want to possess and intend to keep, and desire to see your name as the owner per the records, this is very much possible. Quite easily and conveniently too. Wondering how? Well, you can just let the company know that you are interested in buying out the vehicle and they will quote you a reasonable sum for the same — and the vehicle would be yours forever.

5. No maintenance headache

The problem and issues of maintaining a vehicle that you normally face doesn’t happen when you are subscribing a car. Especially with Revv, you don’t have to look into this matter at all. Each month an agent from them would be at your doorstep to take your car and even drop it at the location after it is serviced and cleaned properly.

6. No EMI stress

The car subscriptions with Revv are way better than the loans. You don’t need to stress about the monthly EMI to pay (something that taxes you for a long time). With Revv, you get the option to only pay the subscription amount you can afford and that’s why it becomes so easy and convenient for you. 

How to get the revv car subscription?

After reading all these benefits, we are sure the only questions in your mind would be how can you get the Revv car subscription? 

Select your preferred vehicle from those available in your city

The plans for car subscription in cities are as per the vehicles available with the company at that destination during that time. (Especially in the case of used cars.) So, you have to select the car’s model and brand that you like the most and then apply for the subscription.

Fix the monthly car subscriptions plan

Next, comes the step of the most suitable monthly car subscriptions plan that you would like to opt for. You have to select the preferred amount that you’ll like to pay as per the subscription plan. Remember, there is an additional returnable deposit amount – but this amount is pretty affordable.

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Get done with the verification process

The verification process of the car subscription plan is mandatory. The company would require some of your important address and personal identification details and once they are satisfied, you shall be approved for the car subscription.

Get the car delivered to your home

After the verification gets over, an agent from the team comes over to drop a sanitised and serviced car to your doorstep.

Now that you have all your queries answered about what is a car subscription and how you can avail it via Revv, aren’t you super excited to start your subscription programme immediately?! Well, by now you know where to look — for the car subscription plans from Revv are the most beneficial and consequently the best to consider?

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