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Road Trip Bible: Hassle-Free Traveling through Expert Tips

We know you love road trips! They are the best way to unwind yourself and break free from your busy schedule. Just start your car, play your favourite song, and start towards an awesome journey. The moving breeze playing with your hair, their soft kisses of sunlight on your face, and the magnificent view ahead, do you need anything else to make your life more amazing?

But wait, not all road trips turn out to be a blessing. Some even result in a disaster. And believe us, these disasters just don’t spoil the fun of your journey, but also endanger your car’s beauty (and safety), your life, and even of others! So, don’t you think it’s important to stay the safest and follow a road trip guide of the rights and wrongs of driving?

What you should and shouldn’t do on a road trip for the best driving experience! 

We always expect so much from our road trips. Especially the ones in which we are headed to a nice destination and it’s a leisure or holiday trip. But imagine if everything goes haywire here? Well, you obviously won’t feel the enjoyment and excitement that you desired for then. So, let’s read and be ready with the dos and don’ts of road trip checklist for car driving and a fun-filled safe journey.

Do thorough vehicle checks

One of the most necessary and important road trip precautions is to carry out a thorough vehicle check up before you start the journey. Check the engine oil (if it’s full), ensure that the brakes are working, the gearbox is fine, the hoses and wires are intact, and even the upholstery and roof lining of the car is proper. If possible, head towards a mechanic and get this task done professionally. 

Don’t overload the car

They say, always travel light. And it’s certainly very convenient, safe and sound if you follow this rule. Overloading the car often leads to the falling off of the luggage from your carrier on the road and even on the car while driving. And this isn’t all — sometimes the heavy weight is enough to give you a tough time during turns and slopes. Just ensure to pack only the road trip essentials. In India, where the roads aren’t always top-notch, it’s always best to stay on the safer side and keep your luggage in your car’s trunk.

Do list down the names of the fuel stations on your route

Let us give you one of the best tips for a long drive in a car in India – to avoid any kind of fuel issue, do make a note of the names and locations of the petrol stations that’ll come on your way. Also, write the tentative distance between them so that you know when you can head there for refilling.

Don’t get stressed due to traffic and other driving issues

Traffic congestions and other hiccups like construction work on the roads are entirely normal. But always remember — never ever get stressed with these issues while taking a road trip. If you are frustrated during this time, it’s natural that your driving would be impacted negatively and you may even cause an accident because of it.

Do enjoy your road trip

You are undertaking a road trip to enjoy your time at the fullest. Even if it’s a trip because of your profession, you can always make it exciting by reading some road trip quotes on the billboards, watching those shimmering digital signages, enjoying the nature around, appreciating the infrastructural development, etc. – all without getting distracted from the road (driving safe if your first priority). Remember — you are opting for a road trip to enjoy yourself, don’t let it go in vain.

Don’t drive near a deadline (if you have one)

Deadlines can be crazy. They get on your nerves and make you rush and panic. And you know the result of this behaviour while driving. So, plan your trip before the deadline – with some time to spare — always! 

Do carry water and healthy snacks

A hungry soul isn’t ever happy! Match this quote to you and your family while driving and do pack water and healthy snacks with you. You never know when you’ll be without any restaurants on the way or when some sudden delay may happen. A backup of food and water is always welcome in such a situation.

Don’t overeat and grab unhealthy stuff

Stomach upset is entirely normal when you overeat or have unhealthy food. Such an act during your road trip is enough to delay you on your journey and even cause issues while driving. So, beware of such kind of ready to eat packets and choose your diet wisely. 

Do take breaks while driving

If you are travelling for long journeys, we suggest –follow one of these important cross country road trip hacks – always take frequent breaks while driving the car. You won’t tire from the journey easily that way and the longer mileage to cover wouldn’t seem more difficult for you to complete.

Don’t be the only one driving the car

Though you may be the only one who’s required to reach a certain destination for an important task, but it’s always good to have company. And if the person knows good driving, then it’s all the more awesome and safe. You can take turns on your way and the journey wouldn’t be too tiresome.

Do keep hard cash with you

We understand its digital India and apps of money transfers and using plastic money are trending. But it’s always better if you carry hard cash with you. Network issues can happen anywhere and this cash money is always a life saviour in tough situations.

Don’t forget to get a map

Don’t ever forget to print the map of the location you are headed to and carry it in your car without fail. This would be very handy in places where you won’t be able to reach your GPS or other navigating device (poor networks are not very uncommon especially in a little remote area).

Do keep the entertainment on while driving

A boring drive may make your feel drowsy and sleepy! Dangerous, right? Plus, it would make your journey seem dull and monotonous. So, keep the entertainment on like music, chats, jokes amongst friends, etc. during your journey. 

Don’t let your partner sleep while you drive

The person who’s occupying your passenger seat actually influences you a lot. So, don’t let your partner sleep and cause you to feel sleepy as well. Rather, both of you should stay active by chatting, watching the scenery outside, or simply by listening to the music.

Always remember these tricks and trips for a best and hassle-free travelling via road behind the wheels. Apart from these, always keep your car accessories for long road trips in India in the vehicle like the extra tyres, water to cool down the engine, etc. And also, don’t forget to take passes and pay the tolls when required, opt for a safe and different route while coming home to enjoy a new way, and never ever drink and drive or follow the GPS blindly. And if you yourself don’t own a four wheeler, hire a car from Revv and enjoy a seamless experience on the roads.

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