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6 Best Road Trips of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand That Soothe Your Soul

They call it the Devbhoomi! The land where the God’s reside!  And no wonder, the lofty mighty mountain, the lush green lands, the scenic view with gushing waterfalls – all of these give this place a heavenly feeling. You can actually view a part of paradise when you visit Uttarakhnd. Its mighty beauty is enough to imbibe rejuvenation and relaxation. And when such a fascinating place is dotted with prominent temples, then the opportunity to cleanse your soul is an added bonus. No doubt you see devotees and nature lovers heading towards Uttarakhand all-round the year.

Apart from its marvellous beauty, Uttarakhand is also well known for its Char Dham Yatra – the four most significant and best Pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand. Some temples and religious centres over here hold an essential place in the Hindu mythology and that is why they are considered extremely sacred and special. And this isn’t all — you can also indulge in some exciting adventurous activities amidst the mountains and rivers out here. But only a road trip across this place gifts you the complete advantage of enjoying everything it offers.  

Important points to remember when visiting the pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand!

  • Best time to visit Uttarakhand:- If you ask about the best time to travel to Uttarakhand, there is good news for you. This city is worth visiting throughout the year. When you are here during the summer, you can enjoy the natural golden glory of the sun — which isn’t too scorching, but pleasant enough to give you a refreshing feeling. During the monsoon, the stunning scenery that is washed in rains and comes alive is worth spending hours in admiration. And the winters here are ice clad with the Himalayas standing tall — and you would feel fabulous spending a white Christmas amidst the mountains. And of course, the festival times are the best to visit here for the Char Dham Yatra and other pilgrimage trips.
  • Types of visits recommended for Uttarakhand:-  Leisure, sightseeing, adventurous and religious. 

6 Most spiritual road trips to the pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand

 Uttarakhand is one of the richest and most breath-taking locations of India. The glorious mountains and the pious rivers like Ganga and Yamuna create a surreal backdrop that narrates the lore of spiritual journey to every person who visits this land. Maybe that is why the Gods decided to call this land their home and bless this area with some of the most stunning places to visit in Uttarakhand. Well, we know you are super impressed and want to know more. But this Divine Land is beyond any factual description. So, if you really want to know more about Uttarakhand, take a car and start towards the most spiritually enriching journey of your life.

1. Haridwar


You can commence your journey of the Char Dham yatra in Uttarakhand from Haridwar which is a very prominent location and extremely important as per the Hindu religion. This place is extremely famous for the evening worshipping ritual at the River Ganga known as the Ganga Arti. You would time travel as you meander through the narrow lanes that would take you behind the times, the sacred temples and ashrams – all of it strive to make you feel fresh and above the mundane. Obviously, when you are here, you may as well take a dip in the holy Ganges and is believed to wash away all your sins.

2. Rishikesh

Haridwar and Rishikesh

The next destination, not far from Haridwar is the Rishikesh, one of the best pilgrimage places to visit in Uttarakhand. The birthplace of Yoga has all that you require for a peaceful mind and pure soul. This place has a distinct charm and glory to it even though there are thousands of devotees visiting this location all throughout the year. A drive in this magnetic city is no doubt one of the most pleasant things to do in Uttarakhand, but it would really calm your senses if you explore this heavenly land on foot. The mesmerising green lands situated at the foothills of Himalaya can be a soothing balm for any tortured soul. But we suggest — visit this city during the Annual Yoga festival for the sheer exotic experience. It’s from here that you can start off for your Char Dham Yatra.

3. Yamunotri Dham

Yamunotri Dham

Since you are on a religious trip to the Char Dham, let’s commence the spiritual journey from Yamunotri. It’s actually the place where the Yamuna River is born and provides peace and tranquility to the visitors. The famous temples here have been a part of this city since centuries and that’s why they are considered so important in the Hindu Mythology. But remember, after you visit the Yamunotri Temple, do take a look at Bandarpunch Parbat which not only has a lot of religious and mythological significance, but geographically is the source of river Yamuna.

4. Gangotri


Gangotri Dham can be easily reached from Yamunotri, and this is the source of River Ganga. Gangotri temple, the famous temple here, is located at a great height and is open for a month-long period for the devotees to come and pay their homage. Apart from this, you get an astonishing view of the natural beauty of the surrounding.

5. Badrinath


Well, we are finally here — at one of the most important temple and pilgrimage location of the Hindus, Badrinath. The main temple of Badrinath located here is 50 feet tall and vibrantly colourful and attractive and is considered as one of the best temples in Uttarakhand. You’ll find its canopy covered in gold and some exclusive carvings inside the temple. The black idol of Lord Badrinath is exceptionally beautiful and is held with high reverence. You’ll find this temple divided into 3 parts, one where the pilgrims assemble, second where the worship is going on, and third is the ashram. Since you are at Badrinath, apart from worshiping in this enchanting temple, take a look around and you shall be enthralled not only by the natural beauty but also by the diversity in India – this would perhaps be the best takeaway for you from the Kedarnath- Badrinath trip by road.

6. Kedarnath


We are finally going to end our journey by visiting the last Dham, Kedarnath. The temple located here provides an admirable view since it’s totally covered with snow around it. With the rush of devotees coming from all over India all throughout the year to this temple, this place is always buzzing with rituals and religious hymns. And when you are done with your worshipping in this temple, just go around and observe the lofty snow-clad mountains and the ice clad grounds, you will be mesmerised by the sight for sure.

Officially, your Char Dham Yatra is complete. But they say spirituality isn’t bound by temples and shrines.  You can always check some other pilgrimage places to visit near Uttarakhand which are of equal importance. So, you know what you should do next, hire a car from Revv and start the most awesome and soul rejuvenating peaceful journey of your life.

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