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10 Drivable Sites In & Around Chennai Promising Fun & Frolic for Kids

People often find it difficult to travel with kids! It is often overwhelming to pinpoint a place that they shall enjoy. Nothing, almost nothing impresses them easily and even if it does, they aren’t glued to it for long. Result – they are again after you, whining that they are bored, to take them somewhere more interesting — and gradually you are out of the energy yourself. And sometimes the location that’s entirely kid friendly has nothing interesting for you. Well, you get bored to the core while they have an amazing time! So, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a place that’s both entertaining and interesting and has something great for all of you?

Let us suggest a very fascinating location! Actually, you can guess it quite easily. It’s called the gateway of the South and holds the largest library of South Asia. Still couldn’t name it?! Let us tell you more inspiring things about this place. It also prides in having the second largest beach of the world and is the birthplace of South Indian Cinema. Well, we also call it the cultural capital of the country. Yes! Now you guessed it right! It’s Chennai – one of the culturally rich cities of India that exudes a right blend of tradition and contemporary. And this is that perfect location where you can take your kids along too. Why? Not only the city is full of interest, but there are also some enticing locations around it which your kids definitely would love. And you would too! Win-win, right?

Top things to keep in mind when travelling in and around Chennai.

  • Best time to plan a trip to and around Chennai — When you are with children, it’s best to plan a road trip to Chennai from June to February and avoid the extreme summer in this region.
  • Things to do in Chennai — Whether or not you are travelling with kids, you can always enjoy the beach time in Chennai along with exclusive sightseeing and visiting some iconic heritage monuments and temples.

Best attractions for kids in and around Chennai

Your road trips around Chennai are certainly going to be fruitful if you are visiting these locations of the city and around it. List it now. You never know when the restless kids would start hurrying to visit them all!

1. Marina Beach

Marina Beach

One of the most spectacular and top attractions of Chennai is the Marina Beach. The top-notch beauty of this beach is incredible, but your kid would especially love the exciting activities here like horse riding, water sports, and sand play. Pro tip — If your kids get hungry after so much play, the roadside stalls of this beach serve a variety of snacks.

  • Time — 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Entry fees — Free

2. The Government Museum of Chennai

Government Museum, Chennai

Do take your kids in a self-drive car rental to the oldest Government Museum of the city. Your child would be intrigued by so many galleries of exhibits preserved and displayed in this Museum. And the doll gallery is the most favourite amongst the children visiting this place. They say, travelling imparts lessons. Well, now you know!

  • Time — 9:30 am — 5:00 pm
  • Entry fees — 15 INR for adults and 5 INR for children.

3. Dakshinachitra


Now Dakshinachitra is one of the very interesting places around Chennai for kids. The incredible examples of art and craft samples in this Museum make it very much interesting for the kids and they tend to get a better understanding of the culture of Chennai too.

  • Time — 10:00 – 6:00 pm
  • Entry fees — 100 INR for adults and 50 INR for children.

4. Railway Museum

Railway Museum

Chennai becomes one of the most favourite summer vacations destinations of the kids because they just love to visit and explore its distinct Railway Museum. From miniature train models to different parts of the rails and even exciting demonstrations of the system, this museum holds everything interesting for children. To add to the charm, there’s also a children’s park outside this museum which keeps them entertained thoroughly.

  • Time — 10:00 am — 6:00 pm
  • Entry fees — INR 10

5. MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World

Looking for the best entertainment and fun places in Chennai? Then you should definitely take them to the MGM Dizzee World. It’s a fantastic theme park full of amazing rides and activities to keep them busy. They’ll surely love to spend an entire day in this park indulging in a fabulous experience throughout the day in the wave swinger, water coaster, bug wheel, Caribbean swing, etc.

  • Time — 10:30 am — 06:30 pm
  • Entry fees — 699 INR for adults and 549 INR for children.

6. VGP Universal Kingdom

VGP Universal Kingdom

Topping the list of amusement parks and waterparks of Chennai is the VGP Universal Kingdom. You’ll get everything exciting in this park in Chennai — from the adventure rides to the happening beach and even a water and snow park — to keep your kids glued to the place. There are also some stalls and canteens to make them happy when they’re hungry apart from the live games and events that are held so frequently in this park.

  • Time — 11:00 am — 7:00 pm
  • Entry fees — 450 INR onwards

7. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Your road trips from Chennai with kids will turn into a true treasure of happy memories for them when you take them to the Arignar Anna Zoological Park. It’s hardly a 33 kilometres drive from the city, but you’ll surely love the rare species of animals in this zoo. There are more than 150 animals residing here — like the golden jackal, white-backed vulture, grey wolf, etc.

  • Time — 9:00 am — 5:00 pm
  • Entry fees — 35 INR for children and 70 INR for adults.

8. Yercaud


One of the most popular picnic and camping sites around Chennai is Yercaud. This hill station is stunning and has excellent natural beauty, no doubt! But your children will find it interesting to camp over here and trek in this safer and greener location. There are also some fabulous waterfalls in Yercaud where you and your child are surely going to have some fun playing in the gushing and running water.

  • Time — All day
  • Entry fees — Free

9. Gingee Fort

Gingee Fort

Here is another astounding location in the list of kids’ friendly destinations in and around Chennai. The Gingee Fort is a prominent historical place with a very large expanse of area to intrigue you and your child. You can also enjoy an ideal picnic in this fort while exploring the depths of this fort.

  • Time — 9:00 am — 5:30 pm
  • Entry fees — 30 INR

10. Monkey Monk

Monkey Monk

This is one of the most fantastic and exciting places to take your kids along. This is not your regular amusement park. You will find lots of thrilling and challenging activities for your child which will surely encourage them to do better in sports and even provide them the excitement they’re looking for.

  • Time — 10:00 am — 7:00 pm
  • Entry fees — 450 INR for children and 550 INR for adults.

We are sure now you and your child both will be totally entertained and busy during your stay in Chennai. But do remember that when you have children and family with you, it’s better to only opt for a safe and hygienic car on rent in Chennai from a reputable company like Revv. And if you are on a search for some more such fascinating places, do also check the Wild Tribe Ranch for exciting activities for children, Forum Vijaya Mall for lots of fun rides, Pulicat Lake so that they enjoy exclusive bird watching experience, and Alamparai Fort to enjoy the wonderful weather and panoramic view of Chennai.

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