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Ride from Ahmedabad to Get Transported to Nature’s Wonderland: Saputara

Gujarat is perhaps the most diverse State of India. From rustic villages to blooming towns and great infrastructural development — you’ll get everything here. And whoever visits this State once cannot stop singing praises of its deeply rooted culture, traditional values, and even immense hospitality. Though Gujarat prides in having multiple growing cities and various outstanding towns, it hardly has any hill station under its wings other than Saputara! 

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This only hill station in Gujarat speaks volumes of the exclusive diversity in the flora and fauna of the State and mind-blowing natural beauty. From the thick green meadows to the colourful flowers, the breath-taking hills to the gushing cascade of waterfalls, everything about Saputara is just dazzling and just how. And if we hear right (and you know, we are the pros!), the roads of Gujarat have developed so fabulously in the last decade that if you are travelling from any developed city of this State like Ahmedabad to Saputara, you’ll surely love the smooth ride as much as you’ll be impressed by the delights of the destination. In short, we are trying to convey the message that the best way to commute is to take road trips from Ahmedabad to Saputara. 

Top things to consider when travelling from Ahmedabad to Saputara!

  • Most favourable time to visit Saputara — The best time to travel to Saputara is from July to September as the winters here are very chilled and charming and summers are quite cooler too. 
  • Activities to indulge in Saputara — You have a plethora of options available when you think of the things to do in this hill station. There’s sightseeing, boating, trekking, bird watching, wildlife spotting, etc.
  • Distance from Ahmedabad to Saputara— The distance between Ahmedabad to Saputara is around 410 kilometres via NH48 which takes around 7 hours of constant road drive.
  • Best route to reach Saputara from Ahmedabad— The smoothest route you can follow after you hire a car from Ahmedabad is the one that takes you via Vadodara to Bharuch, Navsari and finally to Vansda. 

Best destinations to halt between your journey from Ahmedabad to Saputara

Your road trips in Gujarat are always going to be fruitful as you’ll get lots of enticing places to stop at during this drive. Relax, rejuvenate, or simply explore these locations while you get a chance to do the same. 

1. Vadodara

Vadodara is the most talked about town of Gujarat because of its textile mills and rich architectural inheritance. You can stop at this location after driving for around 110 kilometres from Ahmedabad. The Kirti Stambh, the Tambekar Wada, and the Laxmi Vilas Palace are the best monuments to check while you are stopping at this location.

2. Bharuch


When you drive for about 78 kilometres more, you will reach Bharuch – the vivacious city of Gujarat. The excellent architecture of this place speaks about the bygone British rule even today. But what is more alluring in this location (as it is located on the banks of River Narmada) are the fabulous sunsets and sunrises of this location. So, when you are driving across it and want to halt during the sunset, it is highly recommended to stop at Bharuch.

3. Navsari


This is another quite well-known town of Gujarat and if you want to halt over here, then do visit the Dandi Beach in this place for some calm relaxing time. Even the food of Gujarat is very famous and if you want to enjoy the relishing cuisine of this place, then Navsari is the best spot for you.

A mesmerising holiday awaits you at Saputara in Gujarat!

We are sure after travelling for so long you are probably tired. But hey wait until you see the beauty of this location and the famous places to visit around Saputara. You wouldn’t want to waste a minute of yours and explore each of them immediately.

4. Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park

One of the top attractions near Saputara is the Vansda National Park. But here we aren’t just emphasising upon the varied flora and fauna that you get to see when you visit this National Park, but there is also some very captivating natural scenery around this place which will make your day. And if you love trekking and hiking, then this location is surely the most suitable one for you. The hills around this national park are totally enchanting and climbing them would surely give you the feeling of contentment as you glance at the panoramic view from the top (You may even feel on top of the world!). 

5. Saputara Lake


One of the most pristine offerings of this place is the Saputara Lake. You will be mesmerised by the peaceful serenity of this water-body and the lush greenery surrounding it. If you love boating, then visiting this lake is surely a must for you. From the exquisite scenery to the zen like vibes, everything is totally magical at this destination.

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6. Valley View-Point

Valley View-Point

The Valley View-Point is also famous by the name of Sunset or Sunrise Point. You will find an incredible setting to view the sun going down or rising up on the horizons from this location. The palette of pinks, reds, and goldens that splashes the sky during these times can get you award worthy pictures for your travel diary. And for adventure lovers, you can hike and even trek at this location to enjoy a peaceful time amidst the greens. 

7. Hatgadh Fort

Hatgadh Fort

Though this fort is located around 5 kilometres away from Saputara, you will find tourists definitely paying a visit to this fort. You will love exploring this ancient monument that has some very incredible remains of history. The vast area is splendid and the beautiful greenery around the spot is certainly worth clicking and scouting.

8. Gira Waterfalls

Gira Waterfalls

Did you ever see a milky waterfall? Well, if not, then you should definitely visit the Gira Waterfalls near Saputara. The luscious and rich cascade of water falling from a great height is something really captivating. The beautiful nature and forest around the waterfall make it even more enticing. And you can even trek to this place if you love walking to be with nature up close.

9. Saputara Tribal Museum

The Saputara museum might be very small in size, but you’ll surely find some very enriching pieces of art and craft at this museum. The excellent work of the local tribes of Gujarat on display will definitely impress you.

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10. Purna Sanctuary

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the best places to visit in this hill station is the Purna Sanctuary. Spread across a wide area with some very thick forest and greens, this place is a home to many special animals like elephants, wild bulls, and rhinoceros. Do you know what is the most amazing part of this sanctuary? Well, you’ll find certain different forests at the same location and more than 700 species of plants present in this very place.

Driving from Ahmedabad in a sanitized car rental to reach Saputara can be the best decision of your life. But that only happens if you visit all the splendid locations listed above and even the other equally amazing ones like Table View-Point to catch a glimpse of the astounding beauty around, the Echo Point to make the world hear your voice, the Step Garden that’s really incredibly beautiful, the Lake Garden to enjoy greenery around the azure water, and the very charming Rose Garden for its distinct glamour. After completing a tour of all these locations, let us know how glad you feel after exploring this fascinating hill station! 

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