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A Road Trip from Delhi to Witness the Architectural Jewels in Alwar

On the laps of the Aravalli Hills nests the spectacular town of Alwar. The town that reminisces of the ancient forts built proudly by the Rajputs, and boasts of exceptional cultural heritage and astounding artistry, is surely a treat for art lovers and the people who appreciate the splendours of periodic architectural talent. It’s known to be one of the oldest kingdoms of Rajasthan, and even holds a great mythological value, as the Pandavas are believed to have spent 13 years of their lives in this place. Though it’s a small area, every part of this town is dipped in rich cultural heritage and is a living narration of history. A road trip from Delhi towards Aravalli is filled with charming scenic views and is dotted by some astounding forts, elegant palaces, magnificent temples and heritage mansions.

Quick points to remember: 

  • Distance from Delhi to Alwar by roadThe Distance between Delhi to Alwar by road via National Highway 48 is 165.6 Km. 
  • Approximate time to reach the destination by carYou can complete your Delhi to Alwar road trip in around 3 hour 9 minutes by car. 
  • Best time to visit Alwar Summers in Alwar can be scorching, as it’s located in a desert region, and likewise peak winters are very cold for the same reason. That is why October to December and February to March are the two windows that are recommended.

12 Must visit places in Alwar:

When you are going from Delhi to Alwar by road, ensure to visit the following famous places in the city to complete your trip perfectly:

1. Bala Qila Fort

Bala Qila Fort

The majestic fort stands near the Aravali hills, and is also called The Alwar Fort and is one of the best places to visit in Alwar. It has witnessed the history of the city since the 15th century, and is a glamorous example of periodic architecture. This remarkable fort has 446 openings, 8 citadels, 15 huge and 51 small towers. There are many notable features in the fort that can fill you with a sense of awe and grandeur. A tour would give you a valued trip to the Kund, temples, pond and Mahals within the structure.

2. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort

Located near the Sariska Tiger Reserve, the Bhangarh Fort is said to be the spookiest place in the city (or state for that matter). There are innumerable stories and myths about it being haunted — and what’s more, tourists still tend to visit this fort out of curiosity in order to view its ancient architecture and maybe even in the hope of sensing the surreal.

3. The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum

The pride of Alwar, the Palace Museum is a visual treat for everyone who enters the palace. Apart from the extraordinary architecture of the palace, this Museum has a whooping collection of numerous sculptures, scriptures, paintings, manuscripts, armouries, weapons and coins. These exhibits were once an integral part of the royal families’ possessions. They have witnessed history of the place and palace for centuries, and therefore they give you an incredible knowledge about royal life and ways of living.

4. Hill Fort – Kesroli

Hill Fort – Kesroli

A heritage fort now turned into a luxurious hotel is a must visit place, and perhaps to experience a night stay too if you can afford the rent. This fort exudes charm of the royalty and is now enriched with most of the luxurious modern features that would take care of the comfort of the guests used to the contemporary ways of life – but the present day additions in no way stand out to mar the royal splendour. If you want to taste the lifestyle of Princes and Princesses, then relaxing in the Hill Fort is what’ll satisfy you thoroughly.

5. Sariska Palace

Sariska Palace

This palace is situated near the Sariska Wild Life Sanctuary and that’s why it provides you a grand view of a vast expanse of greenery which is sure to soothe your soul, especially if you are a inhabitant of a concrete jungle. What seals the deal is the serenity of the lake around which the sanctuary exists.

6. City Palace Alwar

City Palace Alwar

A gorgeous palatial building boasting about the unique taste of the Mughals and the great selection of the Rajputs, the City Palace is something worth visiting. Though it’s turned into a government office lately, a view of this palace with an artificial lake in the premises is still worth visiting.

7. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

The one of its kind wildlife sanctuary that is spread across an area of 800 square kilometres, offers you generous wildlife sighting. Here you may cross paths with tigers, wild dogs, Chital, Rhesus monkeys, etc. You can even catch a glimpse of the rare and famous Indian eagle owl here, along with many other rare species. And if you think that this wildlife sanctuary is only rich in rarest flora and fauna, then you’ll be surprised to see a number of ancient temples within the sanctuary. These temples have very interesting history and intriguing features.

8. Garbhaji Waterfalls

Garbhaji waterfall Alwar

On the way to the Siliserh Lake, you’ll find this breath-taking waterfall. Being the most beautiful waterfall in a desert like Rajasthan, it’s a rare sight in itself. But the lush grooves of wood around it and the birds that flock the area provides a very captivating sight.

9. Naldeshwar Shrine

Naldeshwar Shrine

It’s a small but distinct cave shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built centuries ago in order to protect the Shivlinga that is still present in the caves. You’ll also be enchanted by the waterfall on the sides of the caves that adds to the aura of this location.

10. Neemrana Fort

Neemrana Fort

Again, a splendid fort that has been turned into a hotel by the authorities, and provides its guests a meaningful insight to royal ways of living amidst luxury. Just the meandering greens that makeup the gardens are enough to make your jaws drop. The buck does not stop here – there is a hanging garden too. This palace has seven wings with fourteen layered stories, Ayurvedic pools and even India’s first zipline – all within the premises.

11. Purjan Vihar

Purjan Vihar

Though a visual treat for all the travellers and a satisfactory journey for all the lovers of history and heritage, Alwar is still a desert city in the hottest state of India, Rajasthan. But if you crave for some spring in this scorching hot place, you should definitely visit Purjan Vihar. It is also called the Simla Garden of Alwar because of the lush green trees and cool breeze.

12. Fateh Jung Gumbad 

Fateh Jung Gumbad, Alwar

It’s strange, but Mughal rulers actually dedicated an entire architectural structure to their loyal servers. Meet the majestic Fateh Jung Gumbad. It was built by Shahjahan to pay tribute to his loyal server, Fateh Jung. The five storied tomb is a living example of the immense talent that existed among the local craftsmen and workers then. You can gaze for hours at the magnificent sandstone walls and spectacular architecture.

Alwar is truly a phenomenal city having so much to offer for the travellers. To top it all, your wanderlust shall be satisfied by the scenic drive that would take you from Delhi to Alwar. And to ensure a hassle-free trip plan to rent a car from Revv self drive services.

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