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Memorable Sandhan Valley Day Trip from Mumbai

Mumbai is aptly called one of the cities in India that never sleeps. No matter what time of the day you are stepping out of your home, you will find the city bustling with people traveling around from one part of the city to another, and shops and restaurants open almost all the time. Mumbai also has so many attractions within the city itself that you will never feel bored when you are here. The only thing that might bother you sometimes is the rigor of the busy schedules. Well, we all need a break from routine life and when you are in such a big city, you may often feel it. If you have been thinking about such a break, you can plan a road trip from Mumbai to Sandhan Valley. 

Sandhan Valley is also called the Valley of Shadows, and an amazing place for one-day road trips. The place is unique because of the sunlight that does not reach the valley. Another reason why this destination is famous among adventure enthusiasts is trekking and camping. The rugged and rocky mountains make this place a great spot for trekking. Many of the areas here are yet to be explored; therefore, trekking in Sandhan Valley will give you the chance to visit as many nooks of this place as possible.

The distance from Mumbai to Sandhan Valley is 182.5 km if you travel through NH160. This means you can reach the place in just 5 hours. If you start early from Mumbai, you can reach the place before noon and indulge in several adventure activities. The best time to travel to Sandhan Valley is during the winter season. Try to avoid going to this place during the summers as this place has the rocky mountains and can get excessively hot. You can also try going to Sandhan Valley during the monsoon season to make the trekking experience even more enjoyable.

How to Reach?

To make it to this valley, you first need to reach Igatpuri or Kasara and then go to Samrad Village. You can book a car rental service from Mumbai and drive to this village. There are other modes of transportations as well, such as bus and train; however, you need to hop from one place to another to reach Sandhan Valley if you take one such transportation. The best way is to take a self-drive rental car from a company like Revv and plan the journey at your convenience. 

About the trek

As you start your trek from Samrad, you will have to walk through water-bodies that are around 2 to 4 feet deep. So make sure you have adequate footwear for such an experience. As you go ahead, you will reach Tarzan Swing Point from where you need to use a rope ladder and have to rappel to get down. As you reach down, you would need to go for cave crawling and hike through the rock patches. You will also come across deep water pools that you would need to walk through. You would need to walk through some huge rocks to make it to the camping spot. Well, camping in Sandhan Valley is one of a kind experience and you will love every bit of it. From the camping spot, you can enjoy the splendid view of Ajoba Hill and Bann Pinnacle. One of the most amazing things to do in Sandhan Valley is to spend the night under the open sky, gazing at the stars. This experience is going to stay with you for a longer time or maybe all through your life. 

There are quite many places to visit near Sandhan Valley. And each of them will give you a different experience.

The best tourist attractions around Sandhan Valley include

1. Ratangad Fort

Ratangad Fort

This fort is more than 400 years old and remains blanketed by flowers in November. Therefore, you can visit the fort around November to see a unique beauty. The fort is perched at a steep location, thus, you have to trek to reach the fort.

2. Alang Fort

Alang Fort

Located in Nashik, Alang Fort is known for being one of the most difficult treks to reach. You just do not have to trek but also walk through challenging water bodies and dense forests. As you reach the fort, you can find a small temple two caves and 11 water cisterns.

3. Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple

The intricately carved Shiva temple which is more than 1200 years old is one of the places near Sandhan Valley that you must visit. The temple was constructed in the 9th century CE by the rulers of Shilahara dynasty. 

4. Umbrella Fall Bhandardhara

Umbrella Fall Bhandardhara

You must not miss the beautiful sight of this gorgeous waterfall. When you visit Sandhan Valley, take out some time to visit Umbrella Fall in Bhandardhara.

The trek to Sandhan Valley itself can be very exhausting, and covering all these places in one day can leave you extremely tired. Therefore, you can stay at Bhandardhara for a day, take a rest and start the next day for your trekking journey again to all of these places. 

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