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Now Subscribe to a Car at a Young Age and Enjoy The Ease of Commuting!

We all know how tough life has become post the pandemic! The idea about fulfilling your basic needs is becoming a headache for everyone. Let alone the concept of owning a car (unless you own one already – but even then, the headache of maintaining it remains)! Also, in this post pandemic world, having a private vehicle translates to safety (the need to mingle with people in a public transport can be easily avoided!) Young or old, everyone is seeking the convenience and safety of a four-wheeler.  But has the number of people becoming a car buyer in India has increased? Seemingly not! Especially the young and the carefree have opted out of the liabilities of taking a loan to buy a car or renting the same at high rates. So, what are you, as the younger generation, doing for your commuting convenience? 

And that’s about your needs – which is one side of the coin. Coming to the other side of the coin, did you know that most automobile companies strive hard to maintain long term relationships with their customers? So, imagine if you own one near your retirement age, then how will the automobile industries benefit from you? Not to mention the fact that it would not benefit you either to spend more than half of your life without a car. Remedy? Have you heard of car subscriptions?  

How can car subscription help you have full control over a vehicle even at a young age?

If you ask us, the car subscription plans especially designed for the young adults are a win-win situation for you and the automobile owners. So why not avail good benefits of it and enjoy this luxury for long! And if you want to know the perks of doing the same, read on:

1. The car subscription provides you the ease of travelling for education and work

Enough of depending on parent’s permission to have you drive their car. Now that you are already an adult, you may as well have a vehicle of your own. And if they don’t own a car, then you have to travel to the education centre and office through public transportation which we all know is quite a headache today. Well, doesn’t the car subscription plan help you with the ease of conveyance and saves your time and money as well? 

2. It doesn’t hit hard on your pocket

If you are hesitating to opt for car subscription in India because you are scared of the charges and expenses, then don’t you worry! These schemes are extremely user friendly. Today, the companies offering the car subscription model are ready to grant you the vehicles without any large amount as down payment. And this isn’t all, even your monthly payable isn’t much and you can select the amount you want to pay as your monthly subscription payment. And if you compare this expense to the expenditure that goes in your commute via regular public transportation, and, add the factor of comfort and convenience to it, then the amount is pretty reasonable and low.

3. You can opt out of the subscription whenever you desire

Though the basic reason behind providing you a car subscription at a young age is to start long-term agreements and relationships between the users and the automobile companies, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your privilege of opting out of the subscription when you are done with that model of the car. In such a case, you can always have the flexibility to start a new subscription with a new car.

4. Always better than leasing or renting a car

Rental cars or leasing the cars always make you lose money. Because apart from the lease, you have to pay the extra maintenance, insurance, and damage (if any) charges as long as it’s under your control. While in car subscription plans, the company agrees to manage the insurance policies, even maintenance and repair tasks to some extent. Well, that’s why if you think you are still very young to invest in purchasing a car and are opting for renting it instead, we suggest – subscribe for a car in India. The benefits of this step will always exceed the other two options. 

5. You can have an experience with the subscribed car before you decide to finally buy one for yourself

So, let’s keep the decision of buying a car to a later date. Now, you can have and enjoy an extended test drive service for around two years or more with the subscribed car. So basically, with this subscription, you aren’t spending much, but enjoying the experience of driving an almost personally owned car and even getting the hang of it. This lets you decide your choice of vehicle later when you finally are ready to pay that heavy sum to buy it. 

6. You will continue to collaborate with the car subscription company for some good years now

The very reason behind providing you the privilege of having full control over a car at this young age is to secure a long-term customer relationship. They know that with the pleasant relationship you both shared during this subscription plan you are going to opt for their services further even when the subscription plan ends. And in future, if you decide to buy a vehicle, even then you’ll consult this company first before checking with the others. Well, that’s what made the automobile giant companies (like Hyundai) adopt this plan.

7. With a car subscription at a young age, you save for your future as well

So, you obviously needed a car to commute and instead of using a heavy amount in buying one, you opted for subscription instead! Well, you can actually use that sum kept for buying a new vehicle to invest in your future – higher education or business.  And guess what? Years later when you have enjoyed the privileges of subscribing to the vehicle and want to own one, this investment shall provide you a solid footing. So, isn’t it a really wise step for better investments for your future? 

Now, did you get the catch? Well, in a nutshell, if you are opting for a car subscription plan at a young age, you are enjoying the luxuries of owning a car and that too without much pocket pinch. And if you want to know why these automobile industries are so much enthusiastic in having you enjoy this service, it’s because the world economy has been drastically affected by the pandemic — and the surveys and studies clearly point out that an average population won’t be able to afford a car until they are near their retirement age. So, you obviously don’t want to wait that long to drive and commute freely, do you? Neither do the car manufacturers! Then, look into the best car subscription plans in India and get your hands on the best vehicle!

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