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Unexplored Places to visit near Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the biggest cities in India having a huge number of residents and even a greater number of people visiting the city. The City of Joy, named as such after the famous book by the famed author Dominique Lapierre, is a wonderland filled with relics of the British Raj. Even though many of the tourist places are well-known and often visited by road with your own vehical or with a rental car, the city hides many gems in form of unexplored places in Kolkata. Let us tell you about a few that have remained hidden from the public eyes.

Some of unexplored places near Kolkata

1. Subhash Sarovar

Image result for subhash sarovar in kolkata

Subhash Sarovar makes to our list of Kolkata unexplored places which is apt for all those people who want to be in a peaceful surrounding for some time. The pristine lake surrounded by verdant greenery and chirping of birds, makes this place perfect for the solitude lovers.

Location: Subhas Sarobar Park, Phool Bagan, Beleghata

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2. Nipponzan Myohoji

Image result for Nipponzan Myohoji in kolkata

This is a Japanese Buddhist temple which is not known to many yet. There are statues of Buddha and pillars with lions on the temple. People visit this temple to meditate and find inner peace.

Location: 60, Kabi Bharati, 1, Lake Terrace Rd, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Lake Market

3. Jetty by the Hooghly

Image result for Jetty by the Hooghly, kolkata

This jetty was once a part of the Army base camp from where their freight would load and unload. The place is calm and quiet, where you can only hear the sound of the River and birds chirping around.

Location: Bidhan Ghat at Napier road, Hastings

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4. Jessop Factory

Image result for Jessop Factory.Kolkata

One of the Kolkata’s unexplored places, Jessop Factory once was a lively place where workers would come every day to earn their wages. However, the factory was shut down several years ago. It is said, one can still hear the sound of machines in the factory at night, while there is no worker in there. Spooky, eh?

Location: Satgachi, South Dumdum

5. Baguran Jalpai

Image result for Baguran Jalpai

Baguran Jalpai is one of the unexplored places near Kolkata where you can reach in just four hours from the city. The golden sandy beach here, surrounded by Casuarina trees is a perfect place if you want to unwind. The sunset here is something you must witness.

Distance from Kolkata: 160 km

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6. Gangani

Image result for Gangani, Kolkata
Image Source: Tripoto

Gangani is mostly popular for the wonderful gorge of red soil that stands on the banks of Silabati River. Gangani is also called as the Great Canyon of Bengal. During the monsoon season, you can see how beautiful the entire region looks when the river flows through the 70 ft deep gorge.

Distance from Kolkata: 136 km

7. Monchasa

Image result for Monchasa, Kolkata

You can visit this place if you want see how rural life works. You will find a river constantly flowing by, while abundant greenery surrounds it. While you are here, you can visit the plantation area, where the villagers grow fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants

Distance from Kolkata: 140 km

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8. Makaibari

Image result for Makaibari, kolkata

Makaibari is one of the oldest tea estates in the country, which spreads over an area of 1575 acres. You can get inside the premises to see how tea is processed or even take part in the tea tasting session.

Distance from Kolkata: 585 km

9. Bhalukhop

Image result for Bhalukhop, kolkata

Located at an altitude of 5300 feet, Bhalukop mostly remains covered with fog. The weather here is truly pleasant during the summers and freezes during the winter. The clean air, healthy food, and chirping of birds will make your stay here a memorable one. Some of the attractions here are the Delo Park and viewpoint, Hanuman Temple, Buddha Statue, etc.

Distance from Kolkata: 624 km

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10. Bidyang

Image result for Bidyang, kolkata

Perched at an altitude of 3000 ft. and surrounded by dense forest of oak, pine and fir, you can spend your time at Bidyang in absolute tranquility. Try to visit the place on any moonlit night to witness how the moonlight falling on the bamboo bushes enhances the beauty of the village and makes it look like a dream.

Distance from Kolkata: 645 km

11. Bijanbari

Image result for Bijanbari, kolkata

It is a small village near Darjeeling where you can experience the countryside life. While on the way to Bijanbari, you will pass through sprawling tea gardens, the beautiful Hima waterfalls, the gorgeous mountain streams, and verdant forests.

Distance from Kolkata: 640 km

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12. Borong

Image result for Borong

With Himalayas at its backdrop, you can stay at a cottage in Borong among the pines and firs. The sunrise over the mighty Himalays range is a spectacular sight that you must not miss. You can also experience the hot water springs at the banks of Rangit river.

Distance from Kolkata: 680 km

13. Charkhole

Image result for Charkhole, kolkata

Wrapped in the lap of nature, Charkhole is a place that is visited by people who appreciate natural beauty, clear sky, and clean air. You can find varieties of orchids, beautiful butterflies, and birds chirping around. You can admire the view of the majestic Himalayas from any corner of the village.

Distance from Kolkata: 625 km

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14. Chuikhim

Image result for Chuikhim, kolkata

A place where life starts as early as 4 am, where people grow their food in the fields or their kitchen garden, where locals are warm; you can experience all of these in Chuikhim. You can try the delicious home-cooked food here. Amidst unadulterated nature, you can find serenity which is hard to get in cities.

Distance from Kolkata: 641 km

15. Kolakham

Image result for Kolakham

Kolkham is blessed with nature at its abundance. You can see snow-capped Kanchenjunga ranges from any nook of the village. Surrounded by pine trees, the village is the perfect weekend retreat.  

Distance from Kolkata: 662 km

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As we see from the few examples above, Kolkata can prove to have a great base for exploring some of the lesser known places whether they are in or around the city. These places can help you fulfill your urge to explore some new attractions without leaving the creature comforts of the city far behind. Do get ready to click a lot of pictures for showing off the highlights of your upcoming adventures.

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