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Discover The Hidden and Real Beauty of Gujarat via Road-Trips

We know you are looking forward to experiencing the cultural richness and incredible heritage of the country when you think of travelling to the west of India. And Gujarat is one the prominent States of this side of the country that promises oodles of such experiences to share with you. From mind-blowing architecture to very important temples, GIR National Park to alluring hill stations like Saputara — as a traveller you won’t feel out of options to explore when you are visiting this State – not to mention the rich textile and artistry and warm hospitality. But today we are especially concentrating on touring the offbeat places of this rich State.

There’s always a joy in exploring a new destination without waiting in the queue for hours and enjoying some solitude too far away from the hustle and bustle. Maybe that’s why even you are looking for the unexplored places to visit in Gujarat. The salient feature of these places is the unadulterated virginity of the untouched terrains. Not only would a visit to these places rejuvenate you, but also provide you photo opportunities you can brag about. 

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Important things to know when travelling to Gujarat

Most suitable time to visit Gujarat — The best time to travel to Gujarat is from March to June. This part of the year is cool and welcoming in the State while the rest of the months might roast you in the scorching sun.

Get the most astounding experience of your life by visiting Gujarat!

Your road trips to Gujarat will certainly take you to some famous places like the budding cities of Ahmedabad and Surat. You’ll even head to the very famous Rann of Kutch to experience desert sand like never before. And visiting Dwarka for spiritual tour, Diu for some beach time, Laxmi Vilas Palace for architectural marvel, Vadodara to enjoy the exquisite heritage, and Bhuj to admire the rustic simplicity is in your wish list too. But what about the places that aren’t listed here but are still very amazing in every sense? Would you return without checking these hidden places to visit in Gujarat? We are sure not! So, take a look at these hidden gems and try to visit all of them while you are exploring this magnificent State.

1. Lothal


One of the rare things to see in Gujarat is Lothal – an important part of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. You’ll be intrigued by these ruins no matter if you are a history buff or not. And to add to the magic, there is also a museum situated in this place where you can find all the ancient utensils, important stones, remains of the civilisation, and much more curated to increase your knowledge. It is a special place that hasn’t been talked about much, but certainly is worth visiting.

2. Anand


If you really want to experience the traditional lifestyle of Gujarat, then do visit Anand. It’s a fabulous place that still smells of the old world charm and you can actually watch a lot about the historical heritage of the State while exploring this destination. What’s more, there is also a temple known as Swamy Narayan Mandir where you can pray while you are experiencing a unique and refreshing journey at this place.

3. Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach

Certainly not one of the famous ones, but it’s surely one of the top sights in Gujarat. You will find serenity and calmness in this beach since it is totally hidden from the touristy crowd. The peaceful ambience and pure water makes it all the more inviting and the clean sand is definitely a perk to admire when you are at this offbeat beach of Gujarat.

4. Modhera

Ever heard of the Sun Temple in Gujarat? Well, definitely yes! It’s one of the tourist attractions and religious places in Gujarat where an important festival is held each year and you get to see the true and authentic folk dance of this place at this temple during the festival. But do you know the sun temple lies in the village Modhera? Well, we doubt. This is a village that actually holds many such astounding temples and heritage sites but is rarely talked about. And this is not all — you will also find a very decent and peaceful beach located in this primitive village as well which adds to the beauty of the small place.

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5. Bhavnagar


Do take a car rental in Gujarat and head towards the Saurashtra Region to visit Bhavnagar. It is a small town exuding traditional vibes and is truly dipped in regional culture and tradition. If you want to purchase the famous cotton of this State or taste the exclusive cuisine of this place, then you should definitely head to Bhavnagar. Also, the Gulf of Khumbat located in this town should be in your wish-list while visiting here.

6. Wankaner


We are sure you would have seen lots of heritage sites in Gujarat that talked about the Rajput rulers. But have you ever heard or seen Wankaner? It’s a fabulous little town that has River Macchu on one of its sides and is dotted with many impressive heritage buildings and palaces. And some of these have proudly been turned into 5-star hotels as well and you can experience royal lifestyle and hospitality. But still many people aren’t aware of this location and that is why it stays a hidden gem in the womb of Gujarat that you should definitely visit on your next visit.

7. Girnar


No, we aren’t forgetting our adventure loving readers when we are talking about the hidden destinations in Gujarat. Girnar is such a location that has some enticing hills and fascinating sceneries around that are surely going to tempt you to explore them immediately. Climb the hills and even trek at the nearest meadows and valleys. So, if you are looking for a perfect adventure journey, then Girnar is the place for you.

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8. Himmatnagar


It is really easy to reach Himmatnagar in a self-drive car rental in Gujarat. But the only issue is that not everyone has heard about this astounding little place. Though the place is very small, but it is full of architectural heritage in the form of the prominent Jain temples located in this place. What’s more, even the natural beauty of this town is truly breath-taking, and you’ll be impressed by the simple and rustic lifestyle of the people living here.

These destinations are truly awesome, each in their own ways, and are sure to impress you as well. But let us list you some more, do visit Palanpur — a heaven for art lovers, Pirotan Island where you can watch and click some great birds, Lakhota Fort that’s situated in the middle of a lake, and Sidi Saiyed Mosque where you can admire the exclusive latticework and architecture. 

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