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The Unique Benefits of Car Subscription from Revv vs the Competitors

The ongoing pandemic in India is getting worse and as the virus is mutating, it has become a challenge to step out of the house even to get the weekly groceries. In such a situation, taking public transport is no less than a nightmare due to the huge risk involved in it. How about people who do not own a vehicle? Well, for them the easiest way possible now is going for a car subscription.

As a matter of fact, the concept of car subscription has been widely accepted by the people in the country. The only confusion that many of them go through is choosing the right company that offers monthly car subscriptions. While there are so many choices, you can consider Revv. Wondering why Revv? Well, Revv in a very short time has made its grip in the market, which has been possible because of the unmatched services it offers. Let us first discuss Revv car subscription as a concept.

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What is Revv Subscription?

When you take a Revv car subscription, you do not need a lot of money for upfront payment, unlike at the time of purchasing a car. You just have to pay the monthly subscription fee. There is no need to make any down payment or take any loan. To book the car subscription, you have to deposit an amount of INR 5,000 which is refundable, and the first month’s subscription fee. The monthly subscription fee includes insurance and service & maintenance charges. After using the car for a month, you can return the car, or extend the period, and even buy out the car, if you want. The major difference between Revv car subscriptions vs other car subscription companies is the affordable charges. Whether it is the monthly subscription fee or the buy-out charges, the charges of Revv are usually more pocket-friendly than the competition.

8 Benefits of Revv car subscription

Each of the Revv car subscription services comes with a heap of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

Sanitized cars

Revv ensures that each car is properly sanitized before it is delivered to the customers. As you book a car, the Revv executives take around 10 days to make sure your car has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with special attention to the areas such as steering, gearbox, door handles, and seats. Therefore, you can expect a properly sanitized car subscription from this company, which will further help you to stay away from any virus or bacteria.


With Revv, you get a flexible car subscription. This means you can get the car whenever you want, use it for as long as you want, and return it at your convenience. The only thing you need to do is to keep the company updated if you are extending the period of using the car. 

Availability of used cars

If you have recently learned driving but wish to drive a car regularly, a car subscription for a used car is the best option for you. The used cars offered by Revv for subscription are not older more than 2-3 years. These cars are properly maintained; therefore, you will not find any kind of problem while using one. However, when you choose a used car subscription, you can only choose the model but not the color as the color of the car will depend upon the availability. The minimum subscription for a used car is 1 month.

Availability of new cars

Revv also offers a car subscription for a new car. The brand new cars are taken outright from the showroom, sanitized, and sent to the doorstep of the customers. The best thing about this kind of car subscription is not only the new car, but you also get to choose the color of the car. However, the minimum subscription period of a brand new car is 12 months. 

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Buy-out option

As you subscribe to a car for some time, you can buy it out from Revv after a certain period. The best thing about buying the car from Revv is that you are already used to driving the car, and you are also getting it at a much cheaper price as compared to the rest of the market. Also, you do not have to worry about the condition of the car as you have already been using it.

Maintenance of the car

There is no need for you to spare time for the maintenance of the car as it will be done by the Revv executives. The Revv executives will pay you a visit every month to take the car for maintenance. Upon getting it done, they will deliver it back to your doorstep. Each time the vehicle will be sanitized to reduce the risk of infection.


From the subscription fees to the purchasing cost of the cars, everything is pocket-friendly when you are doing it from Revv. You also have various packages available based on different make and model of cars that you can choose based on your budget.

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Since you have to pay the subscription fee monthly for the period that suits you, there is no need to take a loan; thus, no EMI. In case you feel that you do not need the car anymore or finding it tough to afford the same, you can return the car to the company.

A car subscription from Revv is always a win-win situation. With limited risk, there are minimum chances of you overspending your budget or having your capital tied down. To start with, you can visit the website of Revv, or to make it even quicker, you can do it all through the Revv app. Download the Revv app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store and start looking for the car that you would want to drive sometime very soon. Good luck!

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