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Top 10 Indian Tourist Spots Popular Among International Globetrotters

You can never get bored of exploring India. This country has so much diversity in every nook and corner that you shall surely be hooked. Yes, you will see a unique and stupefying contrast and variety in the culture and lifestyle anywhere you go. What has made it so enriched, you wonder? The fact that India has always welcomed everyone with open arms and many immigrants now call this land their home. Each conquest and invasion too have left their unique mark on the land. The country has become an amalgamation of it all – a rarity indeed. From the rich heritage of the Mughals, to mesmerising mythology, from Colonial remnants to Buddhist and Tibetan influence, from ancient caves with stunning sculptures to ultra-modern metropolis — this land is a confluence of it all (if not more). No wonder the world wonders how India can blend it all without making it seem overwhelming.

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From prehistoric times to the present day, explorers have come back to explore the mysticism and mystery of this land. Why?  Because, when you travel to India to explore the beautiful tourist destinations, you delve deep and connect to your soul as well. The outward journey confluences with the inner quest, making you evolve as a person. The added bonus? The hypnotic beauty the land is blessed with naturally.

Top things to keep in mind when travelling to India!

  • Best time to visit India — The best time to travel to India is from June to February when the sun isn’t too hot and the atmosphere is pleasant.
  • Things to do in India — Apart from visiting the world-famous tourist destinations in India, you can enjoy lots of sports and adventurous activities here as well. Then there is excellent night life in the metropolitan cities, wonderful hill stations and sea sides to check, religious towns to explore, and even exceptional wildlife sightings. Not to mention knowing about the socio-cultural backgrounds and revelling in the handicrafts and cuisines.

10 Best Places in India for Foreigners

Road trips in India are all about exploring the awesomeness of the country up close and personal. From small villages that will awe you with rustic simplicity to the swanky skyscrapers that would take your breath away, calm desserts to classy beaches, wild forests, and those majestic mountains — could you ask for more?! And to add to the magic, there are these world-famous tourist attractions in India which will dazzle you.

1. Agra


Agra is one of the very famous tourist destinations in India that is home to the famous Wonder of the World – Taj Mahal. You’ll find travellers are passionate about viewing this lavish Palace made up precious white marbles and stones dating centuries back. Even the Agra Fort is a vast structure with artistic intricacy standing proudly ready to welcome you to explore its premises. What’s more, you’ll be tempted to visit the famous Fatehpur Sikri and Akbar’s Tomb as well when you visit this grand city of India. 

2. Varanasi


One of the most popular tourist attractions in India is the holy city of Varanasi. It has everything that will let you sneak into the rich cultural heritage of this country. Very much intertwined with the Hindu Mythology, this city nests the very prominent temples of the country. Even the holy River Ganges adds to its religious significance, for it is believed that a dip here would let you wash away all your sins. The famous ghats, the meandering lanes and by-lanes, and age-old buildings with the ancient architecture and carvings on them are surely interesting and captivating.

3. Hampi

Monolith Bull in Hampi

Want to get a sneak peek of incredible India? Head to Hampi in Karnataka. This famous UNESCO World Heritage Site is actually a small village that has some exceptional ruins from the past. And the temples found in this place are true examples of human talent and workmanship. Though there are many architectural offerings to quench your thirst for art exploration in Hampi, but Daroji Bear Sanctuary and Hampi Bazaar are nice places to visit as well. 

4. Rajasthan


Get ready to be marvelled after reading about one of the most famous tourist destinations in India – From hosting sylvan desserts, majestic monuments and palaces, the world heritage site like Jaipur, and some of the very prevalent temples of the ancient times, this State wows travellers without fail each and every time. While Jaipur is home to the famous forts and palaces like the Nahargarh Fort, Amber Palace, and Jaigarh Fort, Jodhpur is well known as the royal city of India. And you’ll also love Jaisalmer and the desert safari of this location. In all, visiting Rajasthan would be an enriching experience for sure. 

5. Delhi


You aren’t going back home without visiting the heritage sites in India. And you will find some of the best ones in the country’s capital, Delhi. Like the Red Fort! It’s a marvellous Fort, a UNESCO heritage site, that was built centuries back with red stones and marbles and architectural details. Then there is also the Humayun’s Tomb that will impress you with its unique charm. Even the Qutub Minar Complex is one of the famous attractions which is listed as a world heritage site. Be awed by the complex construction of the ancient observatory, Jantar Mantar. And since you have a car with you, don’t miss visiting the Lotus Temple.

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6. Mumbai


Another magnificent part of India is the biggest metropolis city– Mumbai. This city has almost everything that you can call entertaining and gripping. From tallest skyscrapers to the vast Arabian Sea surrounding the city almost like a garland, from the grand Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and the Elephanta Caves which are the UNESCO world heritage sites to the charming Queen’s Necklace – the glamorous boulevard shawling the sea — the richness and diversity of Mumbai can’t be challenged. So, ensure to get a car rental in India and travel to this city if you wish to feel the pulse of the country.

7. Beaches of Goa


If you are opting to rent the self-drive cars by Revv, you should definitely visit the best beach destination of India – Goa. This place has some of the most alluring beaches that are also the coolest party hubs of the country. The deep sand and clean beaches of Goa are surely going to entice you to spend some more serene days under the sun on these beaches. Apart from the beaches, the Basilica of BOM Jesus is a very famous heritage site worth visiting in Goa.  And yes, you’ll be able to wonder at some of the colonial Portugal and French aura in Goa as well.

8. Aurangabad


When you are travelling to India, do visit Maharashtra and explore it’s famous cities like Shirdi, Pune, Nagpur, and Aurangabad. Aurangabad specifically! Why? Because this city prides in having the most captivating and oldest caves of India — the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. You’ll be awed by some of the very famous and ancient carvings of Lord Buddha and other idols. These are the true examples of the incredible creativity of Indian artisans and how they left their imprints all over like gems. 

9. Mysore


Another stunning beauty of which India is so proud of is the city of Mysore. This city was the home of the famous ruler Tipu Sultan, apart from the many Mughal rulers. Naturally, Mysore is dotted with palaces and other heritage structures. The museums and artefacts therein would take you to a trip to the ancient times, and the illuminated palaces at night would stun onlookers with their sheer beauty.

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10. Uttarakhand


Having some of the very famous places and heritage sites under its wings, Uttarakhand is a delight for travellers. The spectacular greenery, serenity, and beauty of Uttarakhand can’t be questioned. There are the famous tourist destinations here like the Valley of Flowers National Park, the Jim Corbett National Park, and Nanda Devi National Park that you should definitely visit. And don’t forget the marvellous hill stations of Uttarakhand like Nainital and Auli to seal your trip with perfection. 

Well, we could go on and on about the delightful tourist destinations of India. But write-ups need to end. However, we can’t sign off without mentioning some of the richest ones like the magnificent Kashmir – the heaven on Earth with paradisiacal natural beauty, Kolkata – the metropolis in the eastern part of the country that is known for the warmth she exudes and has embraced its colonial past and intertwined it with the modern developments, Kerala – the place was calmest backwaters, Chennai – the socio-cultural and economic hub of the south, and Hyderabad – the city that speaks of the era of the Nizams. Now tell us, after reading all these, aren’t you tempted to plan a nice trip to India soon? 

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