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The Rising Rental Cars Demand during Covid-19 in India

A year back from now, nobody could predict that we will be living as we do today. There have been only a few happenings in humanity that have impacted the world at such a massive scale. With the current pandemic, several facts of how we used to go about our day to day lives have changed. The COVID 19 outbreak has brought many new practices such as social distancing, hygiene, sanitation, and work from home. Many simple things such as commuting to work through public transport cannot be carried out safely due to the risk of coronavirus. That has given rise to a need for a sanitized car that can safely be used by you and your loved ones to stay shielded from the coronavirus and travel to your destination. This also helps in maintaining the social distancing norms which are not possible in public transport and ignoring it may result in contracting the disease putting your life at risk. Despite all this, buying a car is not possible for you to buy a car. The easy solution that may suit many individuals can be going for a car rental.

With the car rental, you can take a car on rent for as long as you want anytime. There are plenty of advantages of taking a car rental which makes it the perfect solution for people looking for car hygiene but does not want to commit to the down payment, EMI, insurance, and several other investments required for owning a car. The main benefits of going for a car rental are as follows:

Benefits Of Car Rental

1. Hygiene

Getting a sanitized and hygienic car is one of the biggest benefits of taking a car on rent. The car would help you to travel to your destination and safely back home without coming in contact with the pollution, germs, and various other harmful elements. Especially if you take a car on rent from Revv, you will be given a complete and thoroughly disinfected ride with the assurance of complete car sanitization. Every surface of the car inside and outside is sanitized and the car is delivered to your doorstep by a driver wearing personal protective equipment including mask and gloves. There is also an option to disinfect the car on your doorstep to maintain hygiene standards.

2. Convenience

Taking a car on rent does not involve a lot of paperwork and waiting time. The car can be chosen online through the website or an app in just a few steps and your details can also be processed online. As soon as the availability has been confirmed by the rental company, you can be assured that you will have the ride delivered to your doorstep. Revv also offers Airport car rental so that you can collect your rented car from the airport and also leave it back at the airport once done. The billing and all other formalities are processed online so that there are no delays or problems.

3. Safety

Through the car rental you can determine when do you need a car and make sure you have access to the vehicle at that point. There are many incidences where you may need to step out at night and not have access to public transport. In these scenarios, it is always smarter to have your ride so that you are not dependent on anyone. The best part is that you can enjoy free of worry when you know that you have a safe and secure car with you.

4. Flexibility

Taking a car on rent you can go anywhere anytime. Let us assume that you want to go for a weekend trip to a nearby hill station or beach. With a car on rent, you do not have to worry about cab charges and schedule. You can easily take that trip with your loved ones with the privacy of your cab. You also have the option to return the rented car anytime. You can take a car on rent on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

5. Economic

The car on rent is also economic since it gives you all the benefits of having a car without actually having to buy a car. You can save on many costs of car ownership such as down payment, EMI, Insurance, Taxes, and Maintenance. All of these can take a significant toll on your finances. With the car rental, you just need to pay the rental amount, and all other things such as insurance and maintenance are taken care of by the car rental company. You can also compare different providers for car rental and choose one that fits your budget while providing a decent car rental experience.

6. Choice

With the cars on rent, you can go for a ride that you have always wanted to drive. Be it a hatchback, sedan, or even an SUV, you can get it on rent without affecting your budget too much. If there is a make and model of car that you have taken on rent, but after a few days you get bored with it, you can try a different make and model next time.

In these difficult times of the Coronavirus outbreak, having a car is not just a luxury but more of a need. Taking a self-drive rental car in India saves you from a long term financial commitment and still gives you all the benefits of owning a car. If you too would like to rent a car, you can go to and check the cars that are available for rent in your city. With the sanitized car from Revv, you can be free from the worry of traveling and commuting in the times of COVID-19.

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