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Explore The Land of Fiestas – Karnataka by Road

We can’t just stop praising Karnataka! The State of India that has some tremendous architectural and cultural mementoes captured so magnificently has something to offer to everyone. From the old ruins standing proudly in this State to the monuments that make a classical display in front of you and the mesmerising scenic beauty of this land, you couldn’t just get enough of this place when you choose to drive around here for a vacation. But today, we aren’t talking about only the scenic beauty and cultural offerings of this place. What we are emphasising on is checking out this State during the festival times.

You wouldn’t believe it, but there are at least dozens of festivals and fairs held in Karnataka alone. This state shows so much enthusiasm during the festivities, that you will be attracted towards this place to enjoy it along with the locals here. So, if you are planning to enjoy the most classical and extravagant festivals this year, then head straight to Karnataka and check out the cities where these festivals are going to be celebrated with lots of zeal and excitement.

Important things to keep in mind when travelling to Karnataka! 

  • Best time to visit Karnataka — The best time to visit Karnataka is during the winter months – that are from October to February. But even if you travel here during the summers or monsoons, you’ll still feel awesome regardless of the weather because of the celebration vibes in the air during these times.
  • Types of visits recommended- There are lots of things famous in Karnataka like its architectural offerings, temples, scenic areas, etc. That is why you should visit here if you are a history buff, art fan, or nature lover.

An ideal road trip to Karnataka to enjoy the diverse festivals and fairs celebrated here!

Karnataka is specifically a land of fun, fiesta, celebrations and festivals. Whether it’s the unique way of celebrating Dussehra in this place or the mind blowing bull fight that happens here each year, the delirium in the air is something really extraordinary. And when you have decided to take road trips to major cities in Karnataka during festival time, then get ready to experience it all on a first-hand basis! 

1. Hampi festival

Hampi festival

You may be aware of Hampi, the old ruins found in the state of Karnataka, that are extremely unique and exclusive cultural offerings of the Vijayanagar Empire that was once part of this state. This festival has been celebrated since that era. Yes, you read it right! It’s a historical and cultural festival that sees lots of zeal and elation from all the people in this area. You’ll be mesmerised by seeing the various dances and performances that take place here during the 3 days of this festival. The puppet shows, the elephant processions, the native dance, the drumming that is in the air and the handcrafted items presented here – all of these together fill you up to the brim. And if you aren’t a history buff, or you don’t like the cultural fest, then you can always take part in the water sports and the exciting adventurous activities that happen simultaneously in Hampi during this festival. Mind you, it is not for nothing that Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

2. Kambala Festival 

Kambala Festival 

The astonishing Kambala Festival is held in Baradi Beedu, Bloater, Kolatta, Uppinagadi, Kamalakettu and Majalu Puttur from November to March. This is the most extravagant festival held for two days in these towns and you’ll see a fascinating bull fight that’s enough to get you goosebumps. If you believe us, the Kambala Festival is one of the most kicking festivals of Karnataka that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

3. Pattadakal Dance Festival

Pattadakal Dance Festival

Pattadakal is a group of temples here that is one of the prominent heritage places to tour in Karnataka. But Pattadakal is at its extreme best during this dance festival when the entire town is decorated like a bride and enchants you. Pattadakal was built back in the 6th century and screams about the culture of Karnataka since then. You can catch a plethora of dances and talent shows organised by the State tourism department during this time, which is totally a fabulous experience in itself.

4. Dussehra in Mysore

Dussehra in Mysor

Mysore is one of the major cities in Karnataka. And if you really want to be amazed, just visit here during the festival of Dussehra. The celebration of Dussehra is commonly very vibrant across the country. But in Mysore, you will find it celebrated in a really unique and different way since the last400 years. And for those who are looking for things to do in Karnataka during festival time, then indulge in the enigmatic festive spirits by taking part in the great procession proceeding in this city during these days. You’ll be awed to see the happiness and cheerful aura in the entire place during this time and revel at the shows hosted and the decorations that beautify the town.

5. Diwali

Diwali in Karnataka

You know there is going to be happiness and celebrations everywhere when you are talking about Diwali celebrations in Karnataka. The entire State is deeply drowned in the celebrations, and you’ll find sweets and sparkles everywhere. Even the famous temples, monuments, forts, and streets abuzz with shopping places in Karnataka are nicely decorated. We are sure Diwali wouldn’t be the same back home after you have spent it here in Karnataka.

6. Ugadi


Specifically meaning new year in Sanskrit, Ugadi is the grand festival celebrated in every part of the State. From the small villages to all the tourist attractions in Karnataka and even the cities are adorned as a part of this festival. You’ll find some exciting events organised across the State to celebrate this big day and the special meals served on banana leaves are an extraordinary tradition followed on this day. 

7. Vairamudi Festival

Vairamudi Festival

The biggest festival of the State witnessing more than 4 Lakh devotees attending to celebrate it, this festival is held on the 3rdday of the Brahmotsavam at the temple of Cheluvanarayana in Melkote. The grand statue located here is specially adorned with jewels on this day which is in itself a fascinating affair — and of course, the colourful procession that follows is quite impressive as well.

These are some of the more grandly celebrated festivals of Karnataka. But remember, these aren’t all. You will be spoilt for choices to attend the festivals and the fairs that are being held almost every month in this State. But apart from the festivals, a tour here wouldn’t be completed if you don’t pay a visit to its prominent tourist attractions like Bengaluru – the garden city, Wayanand – which is famous for its sanctuary and caves, Madikeri – known for its forts and monuments, Nagarhole National Park and tiger reserve, and Kodagu — which is famous for its scenic falls. And a complete trip with such fascinating events to attend and places to check obviously requires a rented car from Revv which proves to be a mode of convenience and comfort for you in this land.

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