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The Key to Happiness A Road Trip to Gujarat during Festivities

We all have Gujarat in our travel bucket list for some point of time or another. The largest state of India known for its diverse culture and scrumptious food is also famous for its colourful and vibrant festive vibes not to mention the surreal natural beauty. From the folk music played during the happy festive times to the colourful attires of the locals, from the spectacular decorations to the lip-smacking local delectable — everything is mind blowing and truly spectacular. Imagine the awesomeness you can experience when you drive towards this State during the festival seasons?

When we talk about festival celebrations in Gujarat, we aren’t limiting ourselves to only the religious ones. But there are a number of cultural festivals celebrated with lots of zeal and feel in this land as well. And the ambience of the State during this time is totally transformed into a magical aura which instantly lifts your mood. In short, if you want to see the best of Gujarat, visit here to witness its festivals, and celebrate them along with the locals. 

Things to keep in mind when visiting Gujarat!

  • Best time to visit Gujarat — Experts suggest that the best time to visit Gujarat is during June to March when the weather is really pleasant and April to May should be extremely avoided because of the scorching heat. 
  • Types of visits recommended—There are lots of tourist attractions in Gujarat and things to do like enjoying an adventurous time here, visiting the wildlife sanctuaries, cultural visits, and religious pilgrimages.

Enjoy the best of festivals in the traditional Gujarati Style as you take a road trip here!

From unusual temples to unique parks, there’s no end to astonishing places to visit in Gujarat. And when it’s festival time of the year, then the excitement doubles. So, let’s now plan road trips to the major cities in Gujarat during festival time:

1. The Rann Utsav at Rann of Kutch

The Rann Utsav at Rann of Kutch

Moonbeams gleaming on the white sands at the Rann of Kutch – surreal, ethereal – images that dreams are made of. Who wouldn’t want to experience that? And if you are looking for a true wonderland feeling, hit this place between November to February to steep in the cultural heritage that the State is extremely proud of – experience  some classical dance performances, hear the traditional folk music by the locals, watch nail biting dramas, behold exciting competitions, enjoy mesmerising performances, and more. Experience life in the temporary tent city created for tourists who flock to this place to witness the heritage, cultural and artistic traditions of Gujarat. 

2. Navratri of Gujarat

Navratri of Gujarat

You just couldn’t imagine the enthusiasm and happiness in the air in Gujarat during Navratri. This festival of 9 days holds a lot of importance in the Hindu religion. And you’ll see the locals in an altogether different mood dancing and playing Gharba in their traditional colourful attires with lots of jewelleries to match the mood. This is one of the prominent festivals of Gujarat and that’s why no matter which area you drive to during these nine days, you’ll find special programs arranged to commemorate the festive fervour. 

3. Uttarayan in Ahmedabad

Uttarayan in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is an urban city of this State that also upholds with pride the culture of Gujarat. From the historical monuments located here to the important temples, all tell a tale of the classical history and unique beauty of this land. And when you visit here in January, you’ll be lucky to see a very distinct face of this city. The Uttarayan or kite festival is grandly celebrated with lots of vigour. Uttarayan signifies the transition of the season – from winter to summer – and the people make merry to welcome the warmth of the sunrays. Even you can join the unlimited fun by climbing on the terraces and competing on how far your kite can go. What’s more, the sweet delicacies prepared during this time are the best culinary treat you could have.

4. Shamlaji Fair in Aravalli district

Shamlaji Fair in Aravalli district

Celebrated on the eve of Kartik Purnima, the Shamlaji Fair is three weeks long fair that sees thousands of devotees pouring in the place during this time. The devotees are seen travelling towards the famous Shamlaji Temple or the shrine on camels, carts, etc. And the entire town is decorated with much pomp and fanfare during this fair. And this isn’t all, after you have taken a dip in the holy water here and purified your soul, you can even check the shopping places in Aravalli, Gujarat, where lots of authentic silver and gold jewelleries are available for trade.

5. Bhavnath Mahadev Mela

Bhavnath Mahadev Mela

If you are aware of the Hindu Mythology, you’ll know that the Bhavnath Mahadev Temple in Junagadh, Gujarat is of prominent importance for the Hindus. Revolving around the Hindu deity, Shiva, you’ll witness this temple and town singing hymns of him during the Mahashivratri festival in February or March. The fair held here is a pure beauty upholding the local culture and religious beliefs of the people and the entire Junagadh is adorned with lights. Processions with decorated elephants attract locals and tourists alike. Visit here during the fair to experience lots of local music, dance, performances, etc. 

6. Modhera Dance Festival

Modhera Dance Festival

Modhera is a small town in Gujarat and you should definitely visit here during January to witness a special festival celebrated here at the famous Sun Temple. It’s basically a three days’ festival celebrated here with lots of excitement and vigour. You’ll see hundreds of talented dancers pouring in from all over the country to flaunt their talent here. So, if you are looking for things to do in Gujarat in festival time, then head towards Modhera to experience some mind-blowing Indian classical dance performances portrayed beautifully.

7. Janmashtami at Dwarka

Janmashtami at Dwarka

The importance of Dwarka in the Hindu Religion is very profound. It’s the oldest home of Lord Krishna and therefore the celebration of his birth plays an important part here. The happiness and joy in the air during Janmashtami in August is magnetic. Visit Dwarka during this time to catch the incredible view of the human pyramid and their process of breaking the dahi handi – a ritual that is unique to Janmashtami celebrations.

8. Diwali in Gujarat

Diwali in Gujarat

The entire State seems to deck up like a wonderland for the Diwali celebrations in Gujarat. You’ll see everyone buzzing with happiness, and every nook and corner illuminated with bright lights. The zest and zeal amongst the locals in lighting crackers and distributing special sweets is almost infectious – and you shall bask in the warmth of traditional hospitality. What’s more, you can even drive towards the local bazaars here to get your hands on some really exceptional handcrafted stuff sold here.

Well, the hustle and bustle of the festivals can be seen in all the small and major cities in Gujarat. But a drive in this State shouldn’t be limited to only these places. You can even visit the famous tourist attractions here like the GIR Forest which is home to the rare lions of the country, the Somnath Temple which houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, the Saputara– the only hill station here, Laxmi Vilas Palace– the famous historical monument, and the Marine National Park that flaunts the rich flora and fauna of the place. Yes, we know the journey would be a bit long, but if you are opting for a car rental in Gujarat from Revv, then your entire trip would be super comfortable and a happy one.

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