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Road Trip to Experience the Unique Maharashtrian Festive Traditions 

If you are searching for the most astounding places to spend your vacations in, then it’s time to take a dip into the cultural richness of Maharashtra! Known for its vast land and varied cultural offerings, this State offers everything that you might be looking for. From the calm serenity  of the beaches to the solemnity of the hills, from the historical edifices in the forms of old ruins and relics to the modern day luxuries in super suave cities, and attaining religious salvation at the renowned temples, you just have to think about it, and it’s all there in Maharashtra.

And when we talk about festivals, then the charm of celebrating these in this State is something really fascinating. You’ll love the unique traditional flavours and enthusiasm with which the festivals are celebrated by all and sundry. So, the road trips to major cities in Maharashtra during the festival time are the best experiences you could have in your entire lifetime that are really worth cherishing.

Important things to keep in mind when taking a road trip to Maharashtra!

  • Best time to visit Maharashtra— The best time to visit Maharashtra is from June to February if you don’t want to roast yourself in the scorching heat. But yes, some of the festivals here are celebrated during the summers too, which shouldn’t be missed either.
  • Types of visits recommended— The beaches are really famous in Maharashtra, and so are the hilly beauties. And you can visit here to enjoy the beach life or relax on the hills. Also, the historic places and religious centres are worth checking as well, apart from the beautiful sceneries and ways of life and living.

Travel to Maharashtra to know the real meaning of festivals and celebrations!

We couldn’t define Maharashtra without speaking about its rich history and glorious past. And that is why some of the festivals celebrated here are more of a historical tribute rather than a religious event. But whatever the reason may be, their charm and zeal is totally unmatchable and your trip to check all the festivals of Maharashtra would never go in vain. 

1. Diwali in Maharashtra

Diwali in Maharashtra

Diwali celebrations in Maharashtra is a fascinating amalgamation of tradition and culture. The entire State dances on the tunes of glory and happiness and you’ll see lights and lanterns everywhere you set your eyes on! From the local stalls and shopping places in Maharashtra to the huge showrooms in the malls – every business offers a special Diwali Sale and the long line of shoppers outside these stores is something really astonishing. Not just this, the famous tourist places like the Marine Drive and the Sidhhivinayak Mandir see a super rush of locals and travellers alike. Be it family time and feasting in festive finery or observing ritualistic traditions – you can experience it all. 

2. Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai

Though the entire State seems to be bathed in joy and happiness during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, but you’ll specifically find it celebrated with the greatest vigour in Mumbai. There are idols of Lord Ganesh seen across the entire city and the devotees decorate with great excitement for the festival. Visit especially the Lalbaugcha Raja, the tallest and largest Ganesh idol created in Mumbai, which attracts thousands of devotees towards it on a daily basis. And when you are visiting Mumbai during this time, do visit the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Gateway of India which not only hold a special place in the history of India, but also light up gloriously to mark the festivities.

3. Maharashtra Day in the entire State

Maharashtra Day in the entire State

The Maharashtrians especially celebrate the 1st of May each year as the Maharashtra day to symbolise the attainment of Statehood. You can actually see colourful processions and lots of performances held by the State and communities alike to celebrate this festival with gusto. 

4. Ajanta Ellora Festival

Ajanta Ellora Festival

Who isn’t aware of the famous caves of Maharashtra known as Ajanta and Ellora? But do you know what’s more awesome than visiting these caves? It’s checking them during the celebrations of Ajanta Ellora Festival in January. Aurangabad being one of the major cities in Maharashtra gets lots of tourists throughout the year; but during this festival, you’ll especially see the hotels booked and transportations full because of people flocking there. But thanks to your car, you can still attend it and view the unparalleled talent shows and performances held here during this 3-day long festival.

5. Elephanta Festival

Elephanta Festival

The Elephanta Caves are one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Maharashtra. We mean you’ll literally see it always flocked with tourists to witness the incredible centuries-old caves and carvings in them. And during the Elephanta Festivals held by the State during the month of February or March, you’ll get to see unique talent shows and dance performances that are held here to commemorate the occasion. Visit here to pay a tribute to the temples and be mesmerised by the carvings and artistry. 

6. Ashadhi Ekadashi in Pandharpur

Ashadhi Ekadashi in Pandharpur

Celebrated in July, the great festival of Ekadashi is celebrated in the honour of the Hindu God, Vishnu. You’ll see people travelling on foot to the small town of Pandharpur in Maharashtra to observe this festival. People take a holy dip in the Chandrabhaga river, take out processions carrying palanquins that house various debilities and also carry images of the Saints revered by the Maharashtrians, and sing hymns. The environment becomes electrifying – and you shall be mesmerised for sure. 

7. Shivaji Jayanti at Pune

Shivaji Jayanti at Pune

Well, the entire State of Maharashtra pays gratitude to the greatest ruler they had, Chhatrapati Shivaji. But you’ll see the true vigour of his birth anniversary celebrations in Pune. The entire city is truly influenced by this leader and each and every place and corner of Pune speaks about this ruler. You’ll see the entire city decorated and especially his Fort in Pune adorned with lights on this day. Even the posters on the road speak about the greatness of this leader and mark the respect people have for him.

8. Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra

Gudi Padwa in each and every household

Gudi Padwa is basically the commencement of the Maharashtrian New Year observed in accordance to the Hindu calendar. This festival holds a lot of importance in the culture of Maharashtra. So, no matter which city or town you drive to, you would see some spectacular Rangolis (colourful patterns) designed on the doorstep of each household apart from the positive vibes in the air. Everyone adorns their home, deck up in festive finery and feast with traditional delicacies. But the most unique part of the celebrations is the making of the Gudi or Gudhi (a structure made of bamboo, silk and other stuff) in keeping with the traditions to ward off the vices and welcome the virtues. 

The State of Maharashtra certainly creates a fantastic backdrop during all these festivals and a trip here at these times would be totally enjoyable. But apart from these, there are lots of things to do in Maharashtra during festival time. Like, you can visit the famous hill stations Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Lavasa, Matheran or simply head to the enticing beach like Alibaug or take a dip into the cultural legacy of the State by visiting Nashik and Raigad. And a rented car from Revv in Maharashtra is going to be your biggest companion throughout the journey on this rich land. 

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