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10 Romantic Road Trips with Things to do in Udaipur

A long drive with the love of your life by your side is one of the most romantic things to do in life. A perfectly planned road trip can make the journey more fascinating than the destination. A romantic road trip can bring you both much closer and help you understand each other. Also, proper selection of the venue is essential, where you can spend a couple of days peacefully with your partner, and Udaipur is the most romantic city in India. 

Udaipur is established around a series of artificial and sophisticated water bodies, and hence it is also called the City of Lakes. Maharana Udai Singh II founded this city in 1559, and it was the former capital of the Mewar Kingdom. Udaipur is rich in heritage, historical events, and scenic locations. Fateh Sagar, Rang Sagar, Pichola, Swaroop Sagar, and Dudh Talai are the major lakes that make the city spectacularly beautiful. The monumental complex of the Rajput-era palaces, courtyards, and gardens around lakes makes it the ideal destination for a honeymoon. 

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10 Best things to do in Udaipur for couples

You can find many romantic places to visit in Udaipur, and here we have provided a list of the best selections among them. You can take a self-drive rental car to reach the most romantic sites of this city. 

1. Plan a Romantic Boat Ride in Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola

Pichola is a picturesque lake flanked by the City Palace, temples, Havelis, ghats, hills, and magnificently dotted with island palaces at the heart of Udaipur. Take a romantic and luxurious boat ride in the dusk to enjoy the view of glittering city lights on the blue water of Lake Pichola. You can plan a romantic candle-light dinner on a pontoon under the starry sky right in the middle of the lake to make some treasured memories with your loved one. 

2. Visit the Jag Mandir Island Palace

Visit the Jag Mandir Island Palace

The Jag Mandir Island Palace or the Lake Garden Palace is built by Maharaja Jagat Singh 1 amidst the Lake Pichola. It is a marvelous floating marble structure with fantastic carvings. Also, jag Mandir has a beautiful green marble chhatri and a small museum of historical parts of the Mewar dynasty. Take your partner to the restaurant for stylish dining with an exotic view. 

3. Visit the Taj Lake Palace

Visit the Taj Lake Palace

It is a spectacularly romantic hotel on Jag Niwas Island is one of the best places for couples in Udaipur, which is shown in the popular James Bond movie, Octopussy. It is a four-acre marble palace, splendidly set in the middle of Pichola Lake with features like lavish interiors, the Jiva Spa, multi-cuisine restaurants, and many more. 

4. Spend a Romantic Night in Ambrai Ghat

Spend a Romantic Night in Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghat or Manjhi Ghat is the main entrance of the large Pichola Lake, and it is widely known for its marvelous sunset view. You can take a seat in the ghat to enjoy dusk and evening with your partner. The reflection of the red sky and the golden sun on the blue water makes it an amazing view, and you both will remember the nightfall for the rest of your lives. You can visit the Chandpole Maji Ka Mandir beside the ghat during the daytime. Also, you can find various street food joints nearby the ghat or visit the exotic multi-cuisine restaurants for romantic dinner. 

5. Dinner at Ambrai Restaurant

Ambrai Restaurant

Visit the Amet Haveli hotel for Ambrai Restaurant, as it offers the best sunset view in Ambrai Ghat with a panoramic view of Fort Sajjangarh, Jag Mandir Palace, Lake Palace, City Palace, Gangaur Ghat, and Jagdish Temple. Here you can find all modern comforts in traditional Rajasthani style with mouth-watering menus. 

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6. Spend a night in the City Palace

City Palace

It is a century-old palace built by many rulers of the Mewar dynasty for over 400 years, which makes this place historically significant. City Palace is located on the eastern bank of Lake Pichola atop a hill. You can find both Rajasthani and Mughal styles in the architecture. Even if you don’t stay in the hotel, it is a must-visit nearby place of Udaipur for its historical significance. The Aravali Mountain range and lake view make it a romantic destination for the lovebirds.

7. A Peaceful evening in the Sunset Terrace

The Sunset Terrace Restaurant of the Fateh Prakash Palace in Udaipur offers sunset views better than the Ambrai Ghat for close comparison. It is in the midst of the beautiful Aravalli Mountains and the majestic Lake Pichola, which makes it one of the top sights in Udaipur. Maharana Fateh Singh built this palace to host royal events. You can take your partner for dinner in the Sunset Terrace or can book an exquisite suit in the Fateh Prakash Palace for prolonged enjoyment. 

8. Enjoy a Ferry Ride in the Fateh Sagar Lake

Enjoy a Ferry Ride in the Fateh Sagar Lake

It is another famous sunset water ride in Udaipur to enjoy with your beloved. Fateh Sagar Lake is on the northwest side of Udaipur besides the entrance to Moti Magri Hill. Maharana Jai Singh constructed it in 1678 AD, and Maharana Fateh Singh renovated it later. The Nehru Park Island is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in this lake and is reachable by inboard motorboats. 

9. Spend some romantic time in the Gangaur Ghat

romantic time in the Gangaur Ghat

It is located opposite the famous Ambrai Ghat of Lake Pichola and has a scenic view and natural attractions. Gangaur Ghat is renowned for the Bagore-ki-Haveli, a palace with over a hundred rooms that display modern art and costumes. Shri Amarchand Badwa built this palace, and that came under the province of the Mewari Royal Family after his death. Take your partner to this place if he or she is a history enthusiast, else you both can enjoy the ambiance. 

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10. Pray Hearts Out at Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple

It is a Hindu temple located outside of the royal palace of Udaipur, famous for its marvelous architecture and historical significance. Jagdish temple is established in the middle of the city near the Bagore-ki-Haveli, and many people visit this place every day for religious beliefs. You can enjoy some quiet moments with your partner in this temple and pray for your prosperous future. 

There are some adventure options like camel safari and paragliding available in this place, and you both can participate in these if you are interested. Also, you can plan a romantic road trip from Udaipur and the best time to travel is between September and March because it becomes pretty hot during summer. Take a rental car in Udaipur to reach the romantic hotspots and make your journey a memorable one. 

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