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4 Reasons Why Car Subscription is The New Normal in Vehicle Owning Today!

We all dreamt of owning a car when we grew up! But hey, do you still have that dream of your childhood following you? Well, we know you’d be thinking twice before saying that “yes”” for this matter. We understand that maintaining and owning a car isn’t anything less than having a pet elephant in your home. You have to manage the routine cleanliness and maintenance of the car along with providing it with a large parking space in your already cramped locality. And if these were not enough, you would be seeing your car eating dust in your parking area because you aren’t using it when you’re out of the town. So, why did you pay so much of your hard-earned money in buying a vehicle which brings you so much pain?

So, what is the next way out? You can’t simply stay without a car and a commuting convenience! Well, there is a great way out of this situation that is trending nowadays in the automobile industry. You wouldn’t believe it, but even giant automobile companies like Hyundai have initiated this car subscription policy which provides you the ease of owning a car and even giving it up when you don’t need it. As far as we know, car subscription is an answer to your prayers for a convenient and compatible car that doesn’t give you pain but blesses you incredibly.

Why is car subscription plan better than EMI schemes? 

Today, after the COVID-19 outbreak in the entire world, we are hesitant to invest in an automobile. Naturally, when the jobs are under stake and the economy is bearing its biggest loss, you wouldn’t think of investing in a brand new car that takes up a large sum from your bank balance. We understand the car companies are offering you great EMI schemes which are totally enticing. But at the end of the day, the huge sum of the down payment and the monthly EMIs can prove taxing when there is hardly enough to bear the daily expenses. Well, that is when the car subscription plans become the hero and takes an entry. You will get some great plans in car subscriptions that are entirely customer friendly and extremely beneficial for you in the long run. But we are sure you would like to know about the reasons why this is the best plan for you in the new normal of today. So let’s read about the benefits of opting for car subscriptions (rather than going for the EMI schemes) post the COVID-19 outbreak below:

1. It’s the money matter

OK, so let’s calculate the money you would be investing in buying a brand-new car. Even if you are paying a down payment and the loan repayment follows later on, you know very well you will be shedding a very high amount in this purchase. While a car subscription scheme provides you with the convenience of 0% down payment — that means you have to pay nothing upright — just get the car at your doorstep. And do you know what’s more amazing about this scheme? It’s that you can waive it off anytime you want, and it is extremely customer flexible. So, when you think you’re bored of the car (or you don’t need it for a while, or can’t afford it for the time being), you can just give it back and discontinue your subscription. And if by any chance you fall in love with your new car, you can pay the remaining money in a very customer friendly pattern and still get the car under your wings.

2. Super flexible options are definitely a perk

We want flexibility in every phase of life and even in car subscription. When you buy a car, you are stuck with it for a couple of years — you have to bear the expenses of its maintenance, the repainting job, live with the same looks, continue with the same boring drive, the monotonous features, etc — and even sell it at reduced rates once you are done with it. But thankfully, you have got this subscription-based ownership model which means you can try a new model of some really posh branded cars with the time flexibility you desired. Say, you just want the car for two years, so you can pay the subscription for only these two years. And if you desire a monthly subscription scheme, then these are available for you as well. And as we said before, you can revoke this anytime you want. And secondly, if you move to a new city, and you want a car for some months, then you may get a subscription even for such a short period of time in a new location as well.

3. Digital methods and assistance are blessings 

Remember the paperwork you had to do when you used to lease a certain car before? Well, that physical torture and the huge fat files that you have to maintain for your car’s lease or purchase smells so much of yesterday. Today, everything is digital and so is a car subscription plan. Now, you just have to choose the car you intend to subscribe to, check the available options for your subscription and then everything gets fixed online, and the car is delivered at your doorstep in just one or two days at the most. Isn’t this digital method and assistance a huge blessing for you?

4. No insurance and road tax headache are there to torture you 

Do you know what we like the most about the subscription plans like the Revv car subscription scheme?  It’s that you don’t have to worry about the insurance plans, the road taxes and even pay the penalty when you are late in paying your EMIs (all of which happen normally with leased cars and the ones bought via loans). Everything is sorted for you and you just have to enjoy your drive. 

Well these are some of the many benefits of Revv car subscription. Be assured that your decision of subscribing to a car would be a totally win-win situation. Since we are finally shifting to a new normal way of life, it’s imperative that we accept the new normal way of possessing a car as well.

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