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Advantages and Disadvantages of Petrol and Diesel Car for Car Rental 

With the changing times, there are many new ideas of doing things that have come up in recent years. These ideas have made our lives simpler and created an easy and more flexible way of meeting most common needs. One of the areas which have gone through a big transformation is the ownership of cars, as new and flexible models such as car subscription and car rental have emerged. There are many benefits of car rental that can make the car rental a practical solution to your commutation needs. If you are curious to understand more about the process of the car rental and whether a petrol or diesel car will be the right choice for you, you can read the information below to find out more.

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What is a self-drive car rental?

A self-drive car rental is a service that helps you get a fully maintained and well-serviced car for a limited time. In contrast to a taxi, the cars in self-drive car rental come without a driver and you need to drive it yourself. You can also choose the period for which you want the car, therefore not wasting any time of the rental period with the car sitting idly. You also do not have to worry about parking the car as once you are through the rental you can return the car to the car rental provider company. One of the best car rental providers in India is Revv which provides cars on hourly, daily, or weekly rentals, as well as providing cars on a monthly subscription for more than a month. Now when it comes to choosing the cars that you want to take on rent, you can choose a car rental option between a petrol car and a diesel car. There are some advantages and disadvantages of petrol and diesel cars that can help you make up your mind about what fuel type vehicle will be better for you. Let us take a look at the advantages of petrol and diesel cars first.

Advantages of Petrol Cars

  • Petrol cars cost less than their diesel counterparts
  • Many more make and models are available in petrol version, especially in hatchback body type
  • The petrol engines are considered more responsive and powerful than diesel engines
  • The engine noise of petrol cars is much lesser than diesel cars
  • The maintenance cost of a petrol engine is usually lower than the diesel cars of the same make and model
  • The petrol vehicles deal better with demanding climate conditions such as extreme cold

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Disadvantages of Petrol Cars

  • The fuel efficiency of petrol cars is considerably lesser than diesel cars and therefore they can be considered better mileage cars in India
  • They typically have more CO2 emission and therefore the tax amount will be more for petrol cars
  • Depreciation hits the petrol cars harder and therefore petrol vehicles do not have a lot of resale value compared to diesel cars
  • The petrol engine is not usable in much larger vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, and trucks

Advantages of Diesel Cars

  • Diesel cars have much higher fuel efficiency than their petrol counterparts. This makes them cheaper to own over a period of time than petrol cars.
  • The price of diesel in most cities is lesser than petrol cars which makes them better for pocket
  • If you ever need to tow another vehicle, you need the higher power of diesel vehicle instead of petrol
  • The diesel vehicles usually need less maintenance than petrol engines and usually have a longer life than their petrol counterparts
  • Slower depreciation means they usually have a higher resale value than the petrol cars
  • The bigger car models such as SUVs might only be available in the diesel variant and not in petrol
  • Diesel engines also perform much better at high altitude areas since the petrol engine needs a specific oil and air ratio to operate

Disadvantages of Diesel Cars

  • Diesel cars are lesser in number and usually cost more than petrol cars with the same make and model
  • Many smaller and less expensive cars such as hatchbacks might not be available in diesel
  • Usually, they are noisier than the petrol cars of similar power and specifications
  • Diesel smoke produces a pungent smell and can be unpleasant if it is inhaled accidentally. The particles in the diesel smoke can also trigger an Asthma attack
  • For high-speed drive, a petrol engine performs better than the diesel engine
  • In very cold weather conditions it can be a tough task to start a diesel vehicle that has been out of use for a while.

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While you are wondering whether a petrol or diesel vehicle will be better for the kind of travel that you plan to do with your car, you can check the Revv catalog. Certain car models are only available in either petrol or diesel. If you are planning to take a car for city-bound travel and looking for a smaller car at a tight budget, the petrol car rental might be a better option. On the other hand, if you are planning to go a long distance or want to take a big vehicle like an SUV, the diesel car on rent might be the right choice. To see the entire Revv catalog download the Revv app or visit the Revv website, where you can even use the fuel type as one of the factors to filter the available cars.

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