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Places of Devotion to Visit in The Splendid Jammu and Kashmir

Whether you are a beach baby or a Desert lover, or you find peace amid mountains, you cannot deny the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. Often called the ‘Paradise on Earth’, Jammu and Kashmir has been one of the major tourist attractions in the country for ages. So many Bollywood movies have been shot in this state. And even after so many years, the state has not lost its charm. It is still one of the most beautiful places in India that is blessed with natural beauty.

Apart from the picturesque beauty of this state that looks no less than a dream, Jammu and Kashmir is also famous for the religious significance. There are so many religious places in Jammu and Kashmir that you need at least 10-15 days to cover all of them. And if you cover all these places through a road trip, it will even be a great adventure apart from its spiritual significance. So, if you are looking forward to a road trip to Jammu and Kashmir, here are some of the religious places suggested for you:

10 Religious Places in Jammu and Kashmir

1. Kheer Bhawani Temple

Kheer Bhawani Temple

Located near Tul Mul village, the Kheer Bhawani temple is often visited by Hindu pilgrims from across the country. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhawani Mata and rice and milk pudding are offered to her as a symbol of faith and worship. You can visit this temple any time of the year but on the eighth day of the full moon in May or June, an annual festival is celebrated here.

Best time to visit: May or June

2. Shankaracharya Temple

One of the famous temples in Jammu and Kashmir is the Shankaracharya temple. The temple is perched at a height of1000 feet above sea level, atop Shankaracharya hill on Kashmir’s Zabarwan Mountain. Also known as the Temple of Jyeshteshwara, this shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Best time to visit: September to October

3. Amarnath Cave

Amarnath Cave

Located at an elevation of 3,888 meters, Amarnath Cave is one of the holiest places for the Hindu community in India. Upon reaching Srinagar, you have to travel 141 km more to reach this place. The cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple and its surrounding area remain covered under snow all through the year, and pilgrims can visit the temple only during the summer months.

Best time to visit: June to August

4. Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi

Situated in Katra, Vaishno Devi is a famous temple of the Hindu community and dedicated to Goddess Vaishno Devi. You might have to stand in a long queue to have just a glimpse of the goddess. When you are in the temple, the songs devoted to the goddess and Mata ka jaikara will fill your heart and soul with peace. Pilgrims from far-away places visit this temple.

Best time to visit: March to October

5. Charar-e-Sharief


Charar-e-Sharief is one of the religious places around Jammu and Kashmir that is visited by pilgrims of the Muslim community. Also called Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali, devotees visit this shrine to thank Sufi Saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani for all the things he did for them. The shrine is over 600 years old and frequented by Muslim pilgrims from all corners of the country.

Best time to visit: Any season of the year

6. Ziarat Dastgir Sahib

Ziarat Dastgir Sahib

If you are in Srinagar or planning a road trip to this city sometime soon, you must visit Ziarat Dastgir Sahib. It is one of the oldest shrines in the state that dates back to 1806. Later in 1877, the shrine was expanded by Khwaja Sanaullah Shawl. On the birthday of Abdul Qadir Gilani, pilgrims visit this shrine to pray for a good life.

Best time to visit: Any season of the year

7. Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid

It is one of the most important religious places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir that is also considered one of the biggest mosques in the state. The architecture style of this mosque is Indo-Saracenic, and the mosque has a grand courtyard with 370 wooden pillars. The mosque is so big that it can accommodate around 1 lakh people at a time.

Best time to visit: Any season of the year

8. The Lord Surya or Martand Temple

The Lord Surya or Martand Temple

Built during the 8th century, the Martand Sun temple is a Kashmiri temple that is devoted to Lord Surya. The third ruler of the Karkota Dynasty, Lalidaditya Muktapida was the man behind the construction of this temple. You can enjoy a marvelous view of the Kashmir valley from this shrine. The shrine is also a great example of Kashmiri architecture.

Best time to visit: Any season of the year

9. Holy Family Catholic Church

Holy Family Catholic Church

You can celebrate Christmas with great zeal at Holy Family Catholic Church in Srinagar. Established in 1896 by Msgr. Winkley MHM, this is one of the oldest and main churches in the city of Srinagar. 

Best time to visit: Any season of the year

10. Pathar Mosque

Pathar Mosque

It is a stone mosque that dates back to the Mughal era in India. The mosque is situated on the left bank of the River Jhelum. The shrine was built by the wife of Emperor Jahangir, Mughal empress Noor Jahan. What makes this mosque unique is the absence of a pyramidal roof and the presence of nine arches.

Best time to visit: Any season of the year

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